Begging and Harassment “A Frightening Experience”

Begging and harassing elderly people could be a frightening experience, said Judge Kevin Staunton in Waterford District Court, when told that a member of the Romanian community in Waterford prevented the free passage of Mass goers in the city centre.

Mother of two Florica Anghel (25) with an address at Flat 3, No 26, William Street, Waterford, was given a suspended 14-day prison sentence when she pleaded guilty to begging outside The Cathedral in Barronstrand Street.

The court was told that the woman was found begging outside the Cathedral between 11.30am and 11.50am when people were leaving the church after morning Mass. She prevented the free passage of people.

Solicitor Hilary Delahunty, defending, said his client caused inconvenience to churchgoers and her activities went beyond the usual begging. She had no income and was not eligible for social welfare benefit.

She was a member of the tightly-knit Romanian community in the city. She pleaded guilty and had no previous convictions.

The Judge said he had sympathy for people in a precarious financial situation. It was one thing begging but harassing people going to Mass could be “frightening to people of a certain age”. The sentence was suspended for three months.

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  1. billy murphy Says:

    Under eu law you cannot stay in another eu conutry,unless you can support yourself,they should be deported