How to Make the Most of Limited Space

If your house is starting to seem uncomfortably small, there are ways of making it look bigger and feel better.
High property prices are forcing many first-time buyers to consider staying in their cramped studio flat rather than looking to move up the property ladder to something larger.

But interior design experts say there are many ways of increasing the floor space of a room.
It is important to use furniture that is of the right size – and in proportion to the room.
Areas of unused space can be used in imaginative ways to create a more airy feeling.
By using lighting and mirrors especially, you can make the room look bigger and more welcoming. The more light you let into the room the more spacious it will look.
If your budget stretches far enough, it may be worth creating new or larger windows or even adding a skylight where possible.
Using lamps with a dimmer switch at night will create a more atmospheric feel to the room. They will create a pool of darkness giving the impression of space where there is none.
Light-coloured paint in large quantities will create a less cramped feeling to the room, although darker colours here and there will again add a more atmospheric feel at night.The right floor covering is essential as well. Again go for light colours, but avoid patterns as much as possible. A polished wooden floor with a few light-coloured rugs can be very effective.Green plants also help to break the barrier between interior and exterior. Bringing the plants inside helps create the feeling that you are outside, rather than cramped and confined indoors.

Try to buy furniture which can double-up as storage space. A bed with drawers underneath is particularly useful – and always ask yourself if the furniture you are buying can be bought in a smaller size.
If you have high ceilings, utilise the space by buying bookcases and cupboards that reach all the way to the top.
Never buy more utensils or equipment than you need. Do not keep things that you are never going to use more than once. For example a wallpaper steamer or power drill, you could hire for less than the price it would cost to buy one.
Finally, if you have a loft, use it. There is a lot of storage space up there for the things that you just cannot bear to get rid of that would otherwise clutter the house and make it look untidy.

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