EirGen Pharma: a decade of success

EirGen Pharma, which operates a hi-spec high containment facility at the Westside Business Park.

EirGen Pharma, which operates a hi-spec high containment facility at the Westside Business Park.

Job creation is high on everyone’s agenda in Waterford, so it’s fitting we begin Waterford Business – In Focus with EirGen Pharma, who are currently recruiting for 25 highly skilled professionals.

Life saving drugs are made every day for a world-wide market at EirGen Pharma’s state of the art high containment facility at Westside Business Park and in recognition of their work they were announced as the winners of the Innovation and Technology category at the Waterford Business Awards.

Fittingly, the award was presented to founders Patsy Carney and Tom Brennan on the very day they celebrated 10 years in business.

With a current staff of 80, EirGen Pharma are looking to recruit for both their Research & Development and Commercial sectors, from graduate chemists to formulation and analytical chemists, as well as senior management positions and technical support staff.

Each year the company spends in excess of €100k on education and training and has close associations with WIT, both from a support perspective by offering in house work placement for students, and by providing graduate and masters opportunities for staff.

Being the best at what they do is essential as they are competing on a daily basis with multi-national and global corporations and being the only indigenous pharmaceutical company in Ireland with FDA (US) and PMDA (Japan) facility and product approvals pays testament to that.

EirGen Pharma primarily deals with anti-cancer products. On-site they develop the product starting with the active ingredient and formulating into the finished dosage form of the medication.

Once the development is completed including clinical studies, it is then filed with various regulatory bodies all over the world. They currently supply to 42 countries and are in the process of filing with a further 20. The approval process can take three to four years to complete and only then can they begin to manufacture the drug at the plant. From there they work on securing long term commercial partners to distribute the drugs world-wide.

It may be a global business, but Patsy and Tom are deeply invested in supporting the local economy. Not only does a €4m wage bill enter the region each year, but half of their Irish spend is also kept within the South East. They have invested in excess of €10m in their high containment facility, with a further €1.5m capital investment due this year, contributing greatly to local employment in the support service companies.

The South East has become a significant Life Sciences hub in recent years and with fantastic work being conducted on a daily basis in research and development, EirGen Pharma is putting the region firmly on the global map.

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