Irish Designers to Offer Design Services to Businesses for AWARE

Leading Irish designers and business leaders joined together at Boxworks on Waterford’s Patrick Street to launch the annual ‘Mind Over Matter’ 2018 fundraising event for Aware. This innovative initiative enables businesses of all sizes to consult with the best of Irish design talent for a minimal fee on October 10th (National Day of Creativity), with all proceeds going to AWARE.
Nichola Beresford acted as MC with a panel of business leaders and design experts including: Richard Rodger (founder, VoxGig), Sandra Whelan (COO, Immersive VR Education) Andrew Deegan (Game Designer, immersive VR Education) and Yvonne Rath (MD, Pixelpod).

Nichola Beresford who chaired the 'Mind Over Matter' event at Boxworks, is pictured with Jacqui Gaule (LEO) and Michael Mounsell.			| Photos: John Power

Nichola Beresford who chaired the 'Mind Over Matter' event at Boxworks, is pictured with Jacqui Gaule (LEO) and Michael Mounsell. | Photos: John Power

Richard Rodger said: “A founding principle of our culture at VoxGig is inclusiveness and diversity in all forms- that includes neuro-diversity. A workplace that can accommodate and embrace different mental needs is one that is more creative and competitive. That’s why we are delighted to have the opportunity to support this wonderful work by the design community.”
Sandra Whelan was delighted to support such an important initiative and went on to say: “Aware has a very clear objective which is to inform and educate people around mental health issues. Initiatives like this are invaluable in ensuring that more people are reached within the business community. Bringing mental health issues to the forefront of business owners mind is a of huge benefit to not only their team who may be suffering silently but to the business owners themselves, making them more aware of their duty of care. Business aside, we are all human with complex emotions. No one is immune. It’s important that we remember that.” Sandra Whelan Yvonne, of PixelPod added: “I’m here today to help launch the Mind Over Matter campaign which was started by The Institute of Designers of Ireland. It’s all about creating awareness of Mental Health issues within Ireland and getting both the design community and the business community to work together to help promote AWARE.”

Said Andrew Deegan: “Mind over Matter is a great initiative for both the people and the businesses of Ireland. In today’s connected society, where lines are blurred between work and home life, it is important to support the work that does to raise awareness of mental health issues. The icing on the cake is that the businesses get some great design consultations to improve their businesses too!”

This event kick starts the launch of the ‘Mind Over Matter’ website where businesses can log on to book a design consultation on October 10th for just €75 at

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