Kilkenomics Festival Returns to Kilkenny

Ten years on from the global financial and economic crisis of 2008 which set the world into such profound turmoil, KILKENOMICS is back in Kilkenny City from November 8th to 11th.
Kilkenomics – the world’s first and only festival of economics and comedy – celebrates its 9th edition with an unmissable programme of essential conversations with some of the world’s most insightful contributors in the company of the very sharpest comedians.

KILKENOMICS runs in Kilkenny City from November 8th to 11th.

KILKENOMICS runs in Kilkenny City from November 8th to 11th.

Highlights of the packed schedule of fascinating talks and events include David McWilliams’ interview with Jeffrey Sachs, undoubtedly one of the most important economists in the world today and a global leader in sustainable development; The American Century with Harald Malmgren who advised US Presidents from JFK to Nixon; Millennials with Neil Howe, the man who coined the term; and The Great Economists: How Their Ideas Can Help Us Todaywith Linda Yueh.

Dozens more intriguing shows are now live at featuring topics such as Big Data, Dangerous Minds, Cryptocurrency, Strongman Economics, Happiness and Wealth, Sport, Millennials, Populism, Jargon-Busting, What Have We Learned since 2008? and even How to Make Economists Better as well as lots on Brexit and Trump.
The full line-up comprises economists, journalists and academics including: Aidan Regan, Andrea Catherwood, Bill Black, Bill Bonner, Bill Emmott, Catriona Cahill, Constantin Gurdgiev, Cormac Lucey, David McWilliams, Dearbhail McDonald, Dermot O’Leary, Frank Crowley, Grant Williams, Harald Malmgren, Ian Hughes, Jeffrey Sachs, Jennifer Raffoul, Jim Rickards, Liam Halligan , Linda Yueh, Marla Dukharan, Martin Lousteau, Megan Greene, Mehreen Khan, Mike Driver, Naoise Nunn, Neil Howe, Nicholas Gruen, Nina Schick, Peter Antonioni
Pinchas Landau, Robert Shrimsley, Sarah O’Connor, Simon Kuper, Stephen Kinsella, Vikas Nath and Will Page; and comedians Alison Spittle, Andrew Maxwell, Colm O’Regan, Des Bishop, Dominic Frisby, Eleanor Tiernan, Fiona Looney, Gerry Stembridge, Karl Spain, Konstantin Kisin and Kevin Gildea.

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