Senior Citizens Parliament calls for Budget action

The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament (ISCP), representing 330 affiliated organisations, is calling for the delivery of election promises in Budget 2018.
On Thursday last, the Department of Employment and Social Protection Pre-Budget Forum in Dublin Castle, the ISCP discussed the expectations of older people with Minister Regina Doherty ahead of the 2018 Budget.
In a statement, the ISCP declared: “We seek in Budget 2018 the implementation of ‘A Programme of Recovery for Older People’ (2018-2020).
“We now need concrete proposals and timelines which will incrementally restore and improve the conditions, health and general wellbeing of all older people. Our specific proposals, informed by input from members across Ireland are the Restoration of Cuts and Benefits and an Agreed Timetable to achieve this over the next two years.
“We have welcomed the gradual restoration of the State Pension, but now it is time to accelerate this process and that is why we are calling for a €6, across the board, increase to all State Pensions and the restoration of the Transition Pension, or, failing this, an increase in the Jobseeker’s Allowance for older workers.
“The issue of the ‘older old’ is also vitally important, with increasing frailty and mobility issues leading to increased costs and we are asking for an increase of €6 to the State Pension for all older people aged over 80.
“We also call for an end to the unfair system of denial of access for pensioners to the industrial machinery of the State to vindicate their rights with regard to occupational pensions and for the introduction of a Pension Protection Fund, similar to that which exists in the UK.”

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