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Mixed news on the social housing front

LOCAL Councillors received mixed news on social housing across the county at recent Council meetings. At the January Metropolitan District meeting of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr Sharon Carey (FG) expressed concern at the lack of social housing planned for the Estuary area. “Unless I’m missing something, there is no social housing planned for Cheekpoint and [...]

City centre being “held to ransom”

Wetherspoons received planning permission to develop a 'superpub' at these two buildings on Broad Street, in addition to the former Permanent TSB building at Arundel Square back in November 2016.
A LOCAL Councillor claims Waterford city centre is being “held to ransom” by a British pub chain. Speaking at the January Metropolitan District meeting of Waterford City & County Council, Cllr Cha O’Neill (Ind) pointed out the number of vacant premises in the city centre including Flanagan’s Fish Shop and Sam McCauley’s. He sought clarity on [...]

‘Kerfuffle’ over housing numbers

Waterford City & County Council Housing Director, Ivan Grimes.
Eoghan Dalton Reports A local TD’s comments on housing figures have been criticised by an opposing Councillor, who believes he has “mislead the people”. Cllr John Cummins (FG) said Deputy David Cullinane (SF) had been “irresponsible” when he claimed on WLR that Waterford City and County Council’s (WCCC) record on housing in 2018 had been well [...]

Rented properties minus basic fire safety equipment

Cllr Breda Brennan believes that more must be done to ensure landlords fit out their properties with fire blankets and fire extinguishers
Eoghan Dalton Reports The local authority’s housing chief believes a national campaign is needed to improve standards for private rented accommodation in Waterford city. Figure provided by the City and County Council (WCCC) show that out of 54 inspections carried out recently on, 50 were not in line with fire safety standards. Director of Housing Ivan Grimes [...]

Waterford City house prices to rise by 10% in 2019, say REA

The price of the average three-bed semi in Waterford City is expected to rise by 10% in the next 12 months, according to a survey carried out by Real Estate Alliance.The survey predicts Waterford City will have the largest national price rise, along with Longford.Waterford prices would be undervalued and be the lowest of the [...]

‘Waterford should be declared a Rent Pressure Zone’

Both Waterford and Limerick should be declared as Rent Pressure Zones (RPZ) according to national housing charity, Threshold. Responding to the Q3 2018 Residential Tenancies Board’s Rent Index, Threshold feels the Government must amend the RPZ’s definition given that rents in both Waterford and Limerick have increased by 10 and 11.8 per cent respectively. “We [...]

New additions of residential housing stock

A total of 464 residential address points in Waterford were added to the GeoDirectory database in the twelve months to December 2018, according to the latest GeoView Residential Buildings Report, published by GeoDirectory. Nationally, 21,207 dwellings were added. The vast majority of these new addresses were located in Leinster region (65.6%), with Dublin accounting for [...]

Hope for housing in Kilmacthomas

Hope for housing in Kilmacthomas
Eoghan Dalton Reports Waterford Council’s Director of Housing has said there may be hope for a housing development in Kilmacthomas,with the local authority investigating a site in the fast-growing town.Ivan Grimes told Councillors at 2018’s final Comeragh District meeting that there is asite, but it is “complicated by the fact that there appears to be a [...]

Still No Answer on City Housing Turnaround Times

Eoghan Dalton Reports A City Councillor has appealed for figures on turnaround times for bringing houses back into use to be published by the local authority. Waterford City & County Council (WCCC) introduced a scheme designed to re-let houses at a speedier rate, but it has come in for criticism as the work had previously been carried [...]

FG Councillor Praises Housing Activists

Eoghan Dalton Reports A Fine Gael Councillor has praised the Take Back The City movement for its effort to highlight the housing crisis. The group has taken to occupying vacant properties across the country in recent weeks, including the former Presbytery on O’Connell Street in Waterford.While several Fine Gael ministers have criticised the group’s actions, Cllr [...]