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“Irish businesses already feeling impact of Brexit”

Waterford Chamber Chief Executive Nick Donnelly.
Irish businesses are feeling more exposed to the impact of Brexit than businesses in the rest of Europe, claimed Waterford Chamber Chief Executive Nick Donnelly. Speaking following the publication of a new survey on European businesses, Mr. Donnelly said according to Irish firms, Brexit will be the second most difficult challenge for them come 2017 with [...]

Renting versus home ownership

The last time I lived in rental accommodation was in 1986, just before my husband and I bought our first home in Dublin. The only time before that date that I lived in an family-owned home was 1968, and then, for just the previous six years. Home ownership was not for us, but my family’s story [...]

First Communion windfalls need careful harvesting

The next time you can’t afford to put petrol in the car or groceries on the table – and you happen to have an eight year old living in the house – you’ll know who to turn to for a loan. Or at least that’s the unintended conclusion of a recent survey of First Communion costs [...]


PART 2: It has taken a long time for the Central Bank to intervene in the mind-numbingly complicated way that private health insurance contracts are sold and presented to individual customers. Hopefully product choices will be simplified and br made more accessible when the Bank finishes its review. Older readers will remember the simplicity of the [...]


This month last year an important personal finance decision had to be made by tens of thousands of adults over age 34 who were not already owners of private health insurance: “Do I bother to take out a policy, even one of the low value, low cost, hospital cover only ones or do I take [...]

The state of your health & enhancing pension income

Enhancing a pension income is a tough task these days: banks offer middling to nil interest on savings. Investing requires time and a strong nerve and access to professional, impartial advice if you are to avoid high costs and charges. And with unemployment still so high, not every older person has the energy or ability to keep [...]

We need to count our industrial blessings

We know how important tourism is to the Irish economy. It employs hundreds of thousands of people. It is an all-Ireland industry, though Dublin gets a disproportionate number of weekend visitors. We’re fortunate that our ‘season’ begins around Saint Patrick’s Day and ends in October, but domestic tourists have also increased since 2008, especially amongst older, [...]

More Questions from the Mailbag…

BW writes: “My daughter, who has a long, chronic psychiatric illness has run up approximately €9,000 in credit card debt which has only come to my attention recently. MABS has advised her and her options are to try and get a credit union loan, or from me. What do you think would be a fair [...]

Questions from the Mailbag…

DM writes: “I am enquiring on behalf of my parents who are aged 79 and 77. They are looking to downsize their house, which has been valued at c€280,000 and move to a more suitable bungalow. The new property is selling for €140,000 and needs around €30,000 of work. They have savings of €80,000 and [...]

More of the same during the 32nd Dail?

As the election candidates and the parties come to terms with last Friday’s election poll results, whether by celebrating their victories or licking their wounds, the rest of us go about our daily lives. The impact of this election – how many promises are kept or discarded; how much extra or less tax we will pay; [...]