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Budget Windfall could prove insurance lifesaver

Jill Kerby
What should you do with the tax refund or savings that you will be getting back in your pocket as a result of Budget 2016? If you have dependents, this is a great opportunity to address not just expensive outstanding debts, but shortfalls in your insurance protection and pension contributions. Last week’s Budget was a classic, [...]

Pre-Empting The Budget

Jill Kerby
Budget Day falls on this newspaper’s publication day so I can only speculate as to whether Minister Noonan has delivered on any of the well flagged changes – to possibly lower the hated Universal Social Charge (USC), to widen tax bands and make good on higher child benefit payments. Will he also offer more early childhood [...]

When ‘Phishing’ for Money Turns into Vishing

Jill Kerby
You might be amazed to hear that the clever little ‘vishing’ fraud revealed recently by the Gardaí actually succeeded in scamming amounts as high as €38,000 from the mainly elderly people who fell for it. Who would agree to transfer such huge sums over the phone, even if they did think they were speaking to a [...]

File & Pay deadline day on the way

Jill Kerby
You have one month or, one month and 13 days if you have a computer, access to the internet and can follow some pretty simple on-line instructions. I’m referring, of course, to the annual deadline that hundreds of thousands of people come to dread every year: the Self Assessment File & Pay tax deadline and [...]

Helping the vulnerable

Our past record in protecting the vulnerable in this country has been pretty abysmal at times, and that goes for vulnerable elderly people who may have been seeking financial and investment help. Too many older people, with cash in their bank and building society accounts were particularly easy prey during the boom years of the Celtic [...]

We’re saving more and spending more

Europe is full of savers. So is Ireland. According to Eurostat the gross household savings rate in the 19 state eurozone to the end of 2014 averaged 12.71% and 10.56% in all 28-member countries. Here, at the end of 2014, it was 12.69%. Even though the rate has come down slightly in recent years, savings are [...]

A gift tax exemption of little worth

Inheritance and gift tax is an issue that can generates a certain amount of heated debate. One side – a minority, I would suggest – insist that unearned income deserves to be heavily taxed; the other side, meanwhile argues that that everyone should have the right to pass on their property and assets to anyone they [...]

Are you counting on your home to be your pension?

Alarm bells always go off in my head when I hear from readers who suggest that their family home, ‘is going to be my pension’ some day. This is a pretty common illusion, and not just here in Ireland. A recent survey in the UK, where the private pension take-up (of about 50%) and the high [...]

Parents and the wrong priorities

A headline that caught my attention a few weeks back was a press release from Laya Life (this is the life assurance arm of Laya Healthcare) which stated: “Parents expect their children to be financially independent from the age of 24.” This is the age when my own child will finish his college course (he spent [...]

The Lost Tracker Mortgages; Is yours still one of them?

Jill Kerby
id you buy a mortgage in the last decade? Was it a cheap tracker loan? Did you at any time switch to a fixed rate, and when it ended, did lose your tracker? Today, nearly nine years after the great Irish property bubble first met its pin stories are still emerging of people who at [...]