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Energy, Attitude and Chimpanbee

Chimpanbee have made a welcome return and will launch a vinyl version of their new album on Friday, April 20th at the Project in Waterford.
Chimpanbee have been on the missing list. Thankfully the five-piece purveyors of power-house rock infused with melodic vocals are back with a bang and new album. They play live at Project on Friday, April 20th, showcasing material from ‘Can’t Stop or Rewind’ and the vinyl version of the album is also released that night. Music impresario and [...]

Music Makers at the Gateway!

Michelle Heffernan shot the breeze with three breakthrough Irish music acts set to awaken our ears at St Patrick’s Gateway this Saturday evening… This Saturday evening (April 14th), Labyrinth Management and Event are bringing three outstanding Irish musical acts to St. Patrick’s Gateway for an evening of eclectic and original music. In the build-up to the [...]

Sing us a Song….

Piano Day 2017, as pictured at John Roberts Square in Waterford.
Waterford ivories to be tickled on Thursday with Waterford Piano Day! Michelle Heffernan Reports “Why does the world need a Piano Day? For many reasons. But mostly, because it doesn’t hurt to celebrate the piano and everything around it: performers, composers, piano builders, tuners, movers and most important, the listener.” – Nils Frahm This March Waterford will join [...]

Mercury Rev to play the Theatre Royal

Mercury Rev return to Waterford 10 years on from their last gig here.
Mercury Rev last visited Waterford in 2008 when they played the intimate setting of Electric Avenue. A decade on, the band return for a very special show at the Theatre Royal to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their opus ‘Deserter’s Songs’. When ‘Deserter’s Songs’ was released in 1998, it kick-started one of the greatest, and most [...]

Omega Three at Coastguard Cultural Centre March 23rd

Omega Three return to Tramore's Coastguard Cultural Centre on Friday, March 23rd.
Following a short break from their hectic schedule, Omega Three will return to Tramore’s Coastguard Cultural Centre on Friday, March 23rd for a Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) event. As always, their visit promises an evening of lively music and merriment which leaves you with a smile on your face and a happy tune in your [...]

The Belleford’s Rockabilly Sound from Ferrybank

Following a great gig at Tramore’s Raglan Road in January, Ferrybank-based Rockabilly band The Bellefords are going down a treat with audiences far and wide, across a range of festivals. Ann Cullen of The Bellefords was in touch to fill us in on the Rockabilly scene in the South East Their band includes [...]

The Indie Disco Returns to Central Arts

Attention all music lovers: if you’re looking for something a little less pop and a little more rock and roll, the Central Arts Indie Disco is calling you! This alternative night out will shake the dust off your dancing shoes on Saturday, February 24th with favorite rock/indie hits from Oasis, Blur, Stone Roses, the Happy [...]

Katie Kim: My Life in Music

Michelle Heffernan Reports Waterford native and renowned songstress Katie Kim recently played Saint Patrick’s Gateway in the city to an enraptured crowd. And The Munster Express recently caught up with the Irish folk singer to talk about her musical journey… Where did you grow up and what was it like? I grew up in the Williamstown/Grantstown area. [...]

Panto Time in Portlaw!

Lillian Clery (Queen Bossanova), Emmett Cullinane (Lord Chamberlain), Stephanie Maguire (Nausea), Jamie Power (Jack), Kieran Laffan (Charcoal Fairy) and members of the Junior Chorus of Portlaw Musical Society's 'Sleeping Beauty', which runs at the Premier Hall from Thursday through to Sunday.
It all began over a chat during a night shift in the Tannery almost 40 years ago. Freddy Kelly, Billy Corcoran and Bill Furlong (all deceased, sadly) and Freddie Laffan – still very much alive and kicking – were taking stock, lamenting the decline of the ‘Tops of the Streets’. All four agreed that something had [...]

A Haunting Trip Down Memory Lane

The main gate at Auschwitz, which the Island of Ireland Peace Choir visited last July, which will be screened on RTE's 'Nationwide' this Friday, January 26th
Island of Ireland Peace Choir’s visit to Poland to be screened Thirty-six members of the Island of Ireland Peace Choir will feature in a one-off special edition of RTE’s Nationwide this Friday, January 26th, on the eve of International Holocaust Day. Hi-Lite Television productions (for RTE) and RTE’s South East Correspondent Damien Tiernan, South East [...]