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Late Late Show and Royal wedding

f any of your readers were unfortunate enough to have watched the Late Late Show on Friday night last and, God forbid, in the company of any English people, they would have witnessed another example of how the presentation of our national opinion.

So ‘Serial Objectors’ are to blame … claims the White Elephant Party

So, Councillor Gary Wyse is determined ‘to get bulldozers back on the building sites, even if he has to push them back on himself’!!

Support St Luke’s

I’m writing to ask readers to help me keep the wonderful St Luke’s Hospital in Rathgar for cancer patients.

Cable car plan is for the birds

I was bemused by the headline last week’s The Munster Express reporting Councillor Gary Wyse’s call for the erection of a cable car from the Ard Rí site to the Quays in Waterford.

St Patrick’s Hospital

The vast majority of people access St Patrick’s Hospital via the main entrance.

HSE spin doctors

When the HSE closed St Bridget’s Ward in St Patrick’s Hospital, their spin doctors fell over themselves to reassure the Waterford gullible people that a new fifty bed state-of-the-art hospital was about to be built.

Educate Together in Tramore

As education proved to be a major election issue and in relation to your newspaper’s recent coverage of all established primary schools in Tramore,

Our changing horizons

Recently, I had the good fortune to be invited by Margaret Croke to attend her packed meeting in Clonmel Park Hotel for people with disability (PWD).

Good customer service and why it’s not dead

The next best thing to excellent service is excellent staff with cop-on and initiative when confronted with a problem.

Squirrel Survey

I would like to let your readers know of an exciting opportunity to become involved in an important wildlife survey.