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People Are Having Less and Less Sex

Birth rates in Western countries have been falling for some years now for a variety of reasons and part of the reason is that people are engaging in sex less often than their parents and grandparents.Figures released by the HSE earlier this year show that almost 62,000 babies were born in Ireland in 2017 compared [...]

A Trip Through the Trenches

Tyne Cot Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery.
Memories of a 2016 trip to Flanders and the Somme flooded back as Ireland and the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War on Sunday last. IRELAND and the world commemorated the 100th anniversary of the ending of the First World War on Sunday. Regardless of how many hours [...]

A Journey Into Cycling “Hell”

“‘Paris-Roubaix’ is cycling’s Cape Horn,’ said the double winner Marc Madiot – in other words – the ultimate challenge – adding that, ‘in an era of cycling by computer it sublimates the artists who use pen on paper. It’s as beautiful as a parchment manuscript.’ The race is anachronistic, but glorious.” - William Fotheringham (Sunday [...]

Decentralisation Drum Beats Again

As our in-depth coverage of recent weeks has welcomingly demonstrated, the Michael Street/North Quays development is now a matter of ‘when’ as opposed to ‘if’. However, there remain some missing pieces when it comes to our city and region’s economic future and if they could be tracked down, sustained and meaningful recovery would surely be [...]

Dancehall Claim Had Young Audience in Mild Hysterics

Over the recent Bank Holiday Weekend I found myself in mixed age company that, as well as old codgers like myself, also included some yummy mummies and trendy cool-dudes in their 20s and 30s. For a while the conversation moved around the pros and cons of website dating and I had nothing to say because all [...]

Celebrating the Golden Years

Babs Murphy, Peg Tebay and Bernie Murphy pictured at a past staging of the Golden Years Festival.
The Golden Years Festival, organised by the Sacred Heart Active Retirement Group, takes place in The Tower Hotel, Waterford from November 12th – 14th. The popular Golden Years Festival takes place in Waterford next week, with hundreds of visitors from across Ireland expected to descend on the city. This annual festival is open to members of different [...]

Waterford’s Time to Shine

The North Quay will create a new neighbourhood in our city centre, and is likely to make the South Quay a more attractive residential proposition.
The Deloitte report prepared for Waterford City & County Council outlines this area’s prospects under the Government’s ‘Ireland 2040 plan’ and localises the plan’s eight major objectives. The first of these is titled: ‘A fair society within which all regions have the chance to prosper with the North Quay development identified as the key local innovation [...]

North Quay Plan Gets Green Light

After what has been a lengthy wait, it is welcome to report that the regeneration of the North Quays and Michael Street will go ahead, bringing with it genuine hope that a bright new future for Waterford is just around the corner. Senator Paudie Coffey (FG), who has won praise from the Middle East-owned Falcon [...]

Farewell to my Faugheen View

Waking up to this view over the past five and a half years has helped to sustain me through some difficult times.
William Wordsworth famously wrote of daffodils flashing upon his inward eye on those days when a vacant or pensive move struck him. At a moment of introspection, he directed himself towards a soothing and pleasant vision “fluttering and dancing the breeze” and in so doing his life became sunnier because of it. To draw inspiration [...]


Public concern about the prospect of a no deal Brexit is intensifying. One hopes that the national media will get its head back in the game having largely taken its eye off this massive issue due to a doleful Presidential Election campaign. Reports last week revealed that consumer confidence has dropped to a level not seen [...]