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The Beast of Listrolin’s Cousin

A panther-like creature has been sighted in the Crosshaven area in Lower Cork Harbour.
Two years ago, I closed the file on the mysterious Beast of Listrolin, a black panther-like animal that was first seen in Listrolin in South Kilkenny. Following numerous sightings over a number of years in South Kilkenny and just over the river in parts of Kilmeaden, Mount Congreve and Bilberry, the mysterious black cat simply disappeared. Having [...]

Local Parkinson’s Branch Aiming to Raise Profile

Branch members pictured during Yoga class at Waterford Cheshire under the guidance of Saffron Giles-Murray, Saffron Yoga.
A fundraising event for the Parkinson’s Association Waterford and South East branch takes place on Saturday October 6th at the Woodlands Hotel featuring music from Ronan Collins and his band and Gina and the Champions Although living with Parkinson’s can be difficult, many people continue to lead active, fulfilling lives. The local Parkinson’s Association branch [...]

The Enduring Legacy of a Great Irish Man

John Hume: "Inside," said his long-time SDLP colleague Seamus Mallon, "was a man who had something big to do."
John Hume has spent most of the past two months in hospital, his son John Jnr told the Saint Michael’s Theatre audience in New Ross on the opening night of the recently held Kennedy Summer School. “He has advanced stage dementia,” said John Jnr following a screening of Maurice Fitzpatrick’s compelling and meticulously researched [...]

Waterford’s Renewable Energy Defecit

Last week, we travelled to an energy conference in neighbouring Tipperary from which one major conclusion emerged: Waterford is considerably behind the curve ball when it comes to enacting a renewable energy strategy. By sheer coincidence, during last Thursday’s plenary meeting of Waterford City & County Council’s Adam Wyse (FF) felt that our local authority [...]

No “Deise Dandy” in Presidential Race

It is my sad duty this week to announce that it is highly unlikely that we will have a Waterford-based candidate in the Presidential Election. As all the various candidates poured forth, I asked a friend, a well-known citizen whom we shall call ‘Deise Dandy’, would he be interested in seeking a nomination but his polite [...]

An Enterprising Community

Ann Troy with her Mahon Valley Organics range.
Kilmacthomas has been transformed in recent times, with an enterprising and creative atmosphere now prevailing in the Mid County Waterford village. Kilmac is now representing Waterford in a national enterprise competition. (header across right page) It has now almost become a cliché to speak about how the Waterford Greenway has been transformative for [...]

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Jake is our 14-year-old Labrador and one of my Tuesday walking companions. He remains stunningly intact and eternally loyal.
Tuesday, September 4th, 12.30pm: I’ve just completed a 500-word prologue to a book which I hope a publisher might take a gamble on. It just so happens that this short piece has carried me over the 50,000-word mark for the would-be tome and that fills me with a sense of self-satisfaction. Working on this project [...]

Road Revamp is Essential for Region

The National Development Plan (NDP, 2018-2027) commits to the enhancement and upgrading of “accessibility between urban centres of population and their regions, in parallel with the initiation of compact growth of urban centres”. News that the N25 New Ross Bypass/Barrow Bridge project is ahead of schedule and is due to open in June of next [...]

Thinking Yourself Younger is Possible

Do you know the way you often hear people saying that if you’ve got the right attitude it really helps? Well, scientists have now discovered that it’s actually very true. Professor Billy O’Connor of Limerick University, who has a particular interest in brain research, says that, probably, the greatest discovery of this generation is that an [...]

Down to the Shed

The opening of the Waterford Estuary Men’s Shed in Passage had a few surprise visitors to their opening on Friday last when Men’s Shed member Pat O’Neill brought his daughter Danielle Ryan and her new husband Neil Ryan over to the opening before heading to Faithlegg House Hotel. Also included in the wedding party were Imelda O’Neill and Mollie O’Rourke.   Photos: Noel Browne.
Waterford Estuary Men’s Shed was officially opened in Passage East on Friday last. The official opening of Waterford Estuary Men’s Shed took place in Passage East on Friday last.The Shed, which is a welcome addition to this area of East County Waterford, has received huge support from the community and many locals were on hand to [...]