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City centre sculpture doesn’t grab tourists’ attention

Icarus near Ennis Town. Photograph courtesy Clare Champion.
Sitting in the sun in John Roberts Square recently, I overheard a couple discussing the black ‘Prow of a ship’ sculpture that faces down towards Barronstrand Street. They couldn’t figure it out and eventually concluded that it might be an obelisk or mausoleum to some long dead, famous person. Perhaps, a little sign on the structure [...]

A garden oasis in the heart of Waterford

Group pictured amongst the overgrown vegetation before work began at the site.
Men’s Shed members are coming together to create a garden space in Waterford’s Cultural Quarter. Included are members of the Community Men’s Shed which aims to help refugees integrate into Waterford life. Waterford’s O’Connell Street is in the process of being transformed thanks to the ongoing plans for the development of the city’s Cultural Quarter. [...]

Will legal system be changed to address compensation culture?

The UK, USA and Ireland have a particular problem with a claims culture for small accidents or injuries. This is now so serious that small business are closing such as creches, shops etc.Motorists, especially younger ones, are finding it hard to get cover and drive.Householders see home insurance rise and medical insurance claims against the HSE [...]

Another Bowyer stars brightly

Readers will be very familiar with the names of Brendan Bowyer and his daughter, Aisling, who, in between working as a tennis professional, toured with her famous Dad as a singer for many years.But currently in the spotlight is Brendan’s US actor daughter and businesswoman, Clodagh Bowyer, who is the producer and star of the [...]

Parkinson’s positivity

Michael Power (holding Smovey rings) pictured with his daughter Caroline.
An innovative course in Waterford is transforming the lives of people with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions. An innovative course designed to help people living with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions is generating huge benefits for local participants. Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder which is caused by a loss of a chemical called dopamine.Everyone loses [...]

EU-Mercosur Trade Deal to hit Irish beef?

After 20 years of negotiations, the European Union has concluded a trade deal with the four Mercosur countries – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. This is the largest trade deal that the EU has ever negotiated, covering 773 million people.It is a trade deal that may offer significant opportunities for Irish businesses, [...]

A holy mess in the Catholic Church

Pope Francis – his reforms are meeting strong resistance.
Only a totally disinterested person could be unaware of the challenges facing the Catholic Church at present, not least among them the severe lack of candidates for the priesthood and the growing number of empty pews on Sundays.However, many believe that the Church is still strong and solid beneath the surface and a series of [...]

All hands on deck in Kilmac

Students from St Declan’s Community College Kyra Reilly, Kelvin Kiely, Casey Mullhearne and Heather Ridgard pictured planting apple trees with Acting Principal Elaine Murray and Pierce Casey and Margaret Whelan of Kilmacthomas Tidy Towns.
Heartened by the success of the Waterford Greenway, locals in Kilmacthomas are making a concerted effort to bid for Tidy Towns glory IT’S OFTEN said that a rising tide lifts all boats and there is perhaps no better example of this than the transformation which is taking place in the picturesque village of Kilmacthomas. Since [...]

Climate Change pronouncements creates concern

The Cabinet rolled up in a hybrid fuel bus to make big announcements on climate change.No electric public transport was just an example of how ill prepared we are.In less well off central European countries electric buses and trains are prevalent.We have a dispersed population with poor public transport and a high dependence on [...]

Finally, a peaceful resting place for three little boys

There are many Irish Famine memorials in Canada similar to this one at Ireland Park in Toronto.
In a poignant story, scientists have just confirmed that human bones washed up on a Canadian beach eight years ago were those of three children from Ireland who set sail from Sligo in March 1847 during the Famine years. The name of the ship was The Carrick and it was carrying 180 passengers when it sank [...]