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Tales of the Tellurians – January 3rd 2017

A power worker in Japan, sent out to repair a line over the Christmas period, got more than he bargained for when he discovered an angry male chimpanzee perched near the faulty item.  The lads in the ESB would sort that out in a flash!
An editor’s inspired choice As we enter the New Year, I recall an incident that occurred a few years ago in a newspaper office not too far from here. The newspaper was ready to be ‘put to bed’ and all that was missing was the front-page photograph that was to be selected from one of the [...]

Talking about homelessness can only help

The Apollo House campaign has got more of us talking about homelessness. And that's no bad thing.
A few weeks before Christmas, I met a man sat on his haunches on The Quay. In reasonable shape – about as reasonable as one could expect given his circumstances – he was begging but wasn’t vocally doing so. He had a paper cup extended outward in case anyone wanted to drop some change into [...]


The past year has seen a new but unstable Government elected, with Enda Kenny earning his place in history as the first Fine Gael Taoiseach returned to office. A Budget has been passed, water charges have been effectively dumped and a new housing plan has been announced, yet others matters, such as public pay, have [...]

Emma Nolan: Bubbly on Beat!

Part Two Emma Nolan is one of the south east’s emerging broadcasting talents, and she filled us in on her burgeoning career with Beat 102-103 recently. “I’ve been presenting ‘The Takeover’ with Beat since September 2015. I am privileged to work on a show that allows so much of my own creativity and enables young [...]

Calendar showcases Greenway’s beauty

The N25 Bridge at Kilmacthomas.
THE official opening of Waterford’s Greenway will, undoubtedly, be one of the major local news events of 2017. Although this fantastic new amenity has yet to be completed in its entirety, it has already attracted visitors from all over Ireland and beyond. The Greenway has revitalised Mid County Waterford and given a much needed boost to [...]


Smartply’s €60 million expansion at the Port of Waterford in Belview, which was effectively re-announced on Friday last following the commencement of expansion works at the plant in January 2015, is, nonetheless an encouraging development. It’s a sign of confidence in the future of the business, the Port itself and the south east economy on the [...]

Tales of the Tellurians – 13th December 2016

Saddened and dismayed by dramatic boundary headline Probably one of the most dramatic headlines to appear in a regional newspaper for a long time featured in last week’s Kilkenny People. Almost the entire front page was taken up by three words decked on top of each other, ‘Never, Never, Never’. The front-page story was a rallying call [...]

High Hopes reign on Big Sleep Out

The Big Deise Sleep Out for Focus Ireland on Friday last was a night well spent.
“Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones, And I will try to Fix You.” -The High Hopes Choir (Friday, December 9th, The Quay, 10.30pm) To hear someone openly talking about wanting to jump into the Suir a few hours previously, and then turning to the person she subsequently phoned who persuaded her to [...]

Muiris Walsh: blue & gold twice over!

Muiris Walsh in his sideline guise with The Nire Football Club.
Part One Back in the mid-90s I met Muiris Walsh for the first time. His beloved Clonmel Town were playing Waterford Crystal in a Munster Junior Cup game in Clonmel and we remained in touch for some time thereafter. But, as is often the case, our paths took us in different directions but in recent weeks [...]

Tales of the Tellurians

Columnist and 'bit of a hippy' Caitlin Moran.
The buzzards are after your cats and dogs! A few years ago, on this page, I wrote about the steady spread of buzzards in a diagonal line across the country from Donegal to North Wexford where they were causing some problems. Now I have learned that the birds of prey have moved south of that trajectory into [...]