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Whatever happened to that cute little ‘Ho, ho, ho’ girl?

The Stapley family photographed at the wedding of Holly in 2013. Her sister, Alexandra, is on the extreme right.
Well it’s Christmas time and the famous Kelloggs Corn Flakes ad is on television once again, the one with the cute little blonde girl who says ‘Ho, ho, ho’ to Santa.Believe it or not, that ad was made 27 years ago in 1991 and the little girl is now grown up and was married in [...]

Four decades as a diabetic

UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who is a Type 1 diabetic, was pictured wearing a glucose monitoring at an event during the visit of US President Donal Trump in July.
Local diabetes campaigner Liz Murphy marked 40 years as a diabetic on Tuesday December 4th. She recalls the challenges she faced after her diagnosis and details her ongoing quest for greater services for diabetics here in Waterford WATERFORD woman Liz Murphy marked 40 years as a diabetic on Tuesday December 4th – a day [...]

Time to ignore the flat earthers

Journalists have a civic responsibility every time they file copy or turn up a fader. In an field where ignorance is now being given far too much credence, we all need to raise our game.
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” - Rudyard Kipling Television and radio news programming, just like newspapers, ought to inform their audience. As a minimum requirement, the media should endeavour to tick such a box. That journalism is a gig with many frustrations is hardly this trade’s sole preserve. And let’s [...]

The Drugs Debate Continues

This week’s lead story and Focus story on News 6 focuses on the drugs issue which, sadly, has become a very visible and regular part of city centre life over the past 18 months. The vice of drug addiction has been a long-term feature of homelessness and while it is not the predominant factor in [...]

Miracle of Baby Adam

A happy family: the Waszkiewicz family are reunited in Tramore after a harrowing time.
Baby Adam Waszkiewicz has returned to Tramore from London after undergoing experimental heart surgery. CHRISTMAS 2018 will be extra special for one Tramore family who have been through more than most families will ever have to endure. Adam Waszkiewicz was born in May 2017 – however his first 18 months have been anything [...]

The Fascinating Story of William Carr Beresford

At the launch of the biography of Marshal William Carr Beresford were the author, Marcus de la Poer Beresford (right) and the distinguished Waterford-born and Newtown School educated historian, Professor Roy Foster.
Most Waterford people know a little about Curraghmore House and the Beresford family who have been the marquises of Waterford since the 1700s but, perhaps, not too much about individual members and their extended families.A new book by the distinguished lawyer and historian Marcus de la Poer Beresford about his distant relative, Marshal William Carr [...]

Life on Katie’s Island

Katie Taylor's drive has been superbly characterised by film maker Ross Whitaker.
As a boxer, Katie Taylor has it all: supreme athleticism, balletic footwork, masterful control of the ring and devastating punching power. A talent which the Bray native feels is God-given, honed since her single digit years, was immortalised by Olympic Gold in London. That glorious day, as was the case when Michael Carruth topped the [...]

Rural Ireland’s Struggle is Real

In the coming weeks, many youngsters, along with those Irish now working in our main cities or further afield will return to their native towns, villages and rural communities to celebrate the Christmas season. Many of them now live busy lives in Dublin, Cork and London and elsewhere with long commutes, developing skills that they’d probably [...]

Trailblazing Woman in Historic Photograph is Rediscovered

Lyndon B Johnson is sworn in as President of the United States by Federal Judge Sarah Hughes aboard Air Force One. Johnson is flanked by Jacqueline Kennedy (right) and his wife, Lady Bird Johnson (left). Judge Hughes can be seen in the lower-left corner with her back to the camera.
In recent years there has been much discussion about women in politics and business and about the prejudices they still face in some quarters.One woman who overcame a lot of hurdles to achieve considerable success against the odds 60 years ago was Sarah Hughes, a Texan lawyer who despite appearing in one of the most [...]

Tale of Two City Alerts

The Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team roll out their robot in the grounds of Waterford Courthouse on Friday afternoon last
Friday, November 23rd, 12.48pm: A Tweet alerts our newsroom to an evacuation of City Square, the hub of ‘Black Friday’ activity in a damp, grey Waterford. There’s a somewhat confused crowd gathered at the Peter Mark entrance, which I stride past to see what’s afoot at the car park entrance, where the gates remain down. [...]