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New Mayor and MEP

Michael Walsh, CEO, Waterford City & County Council congratulating Cllr.John Pratt as he takes his seat as the new Mayor of Waterford City & County Council. Photo: Noel Browne.
Congratulations to the new Mayor of Waterford County and City, John Pratt and our new Green MEP from Waterford Grace O Sullivan.Grace was set for a seat early in the week and secured the 4th Ireland south seat handsomely by several thousand votes.The situation in Waterford Council was much tighter however, with Labour’s John Pratt [...]


The full recount of the Ireland South European Election count, due to begin today (Tuesday) is set to cost at least €1 million and take at least 28 working days to complete. The Green Party’s Grace O’Sullivan and Sinn Féin’s Liadh Ní Riada are fighting to stay in the race with the initial recheck reducing [...]


There was joy and disappointment among candidates at the local elections as the results came in over the weekend. The Green Party surge across the country also made itself known in Waterford as they elected two Councillors for the first time ever in the city and county. There was also a resurgence for the Labour Party [...]

Make Your Voice Heard

We would urge all who can vote in this Friday’s European and Local Elections across Waterford and the South East to do so. Now more than ever, in a period of ongoing flux primarily caused by Brexit, the need for competent and responsible representation at political level has never been greater, be it in City [...]

Broadband Plan comes with risk

The Government’s National Broadband Plan comes with a very high price tag and while we agree with its intentions, it appears that the Fine Gael-led Government is biting more than it ought to be chewing.Given the acceleration of change in broadband service provision, in just a few short years from now, fibre may not need [...]

UHW’s Mortuary: the need for clarity

The prospect of a deceased loved one’s body not being treated in a manner any family should be assured of at so traumatic a time is appalling to even contemplate. And if one bereaved family anywhere in this State has discovered that such post-mortem treatment was anything other than exemplary, then that is, without hesitation, [...]


On Thursday last, this newspaper attended the launch of the Labour Party’s ‘Literacy Ireland’ document, a policy paper which aims to “ensure that literacy supports are available to every adult and child”. Launched at the Parlour Vintage Tea Rooms in Waterford’s Cultural Quarter, Labour’s plan bids to address a multi-generational failure of the [...]

Brexit shivers begin to relent

For well over a year, there have been major concerns in Ireland regarding the dreaded Brexit. Thankfully, that cloud somewhat lifted last week given the ‘Flextension’ that was agreed to by the European Union following further discussions with the British Government. With a no deal Brexit already off the table thanks to one of the few sensible [...]


By 2030, the South East will not only be the fastest growing region in Europe, but it will also be the most sustainable. That was the sunny sentiment offered at last Wednesday’s South East Business Expo by Falcon Real Estate Development Director Rob Cass, who believes the benefits of living in this region continue to [...]


"What’s been achieved with at Waterford's Applemarket is proof that Waterford City & County Council did not sit on its haunches during the recession"
That the main streets of the South East need a leg-up is made plain by walking along any of them. Be it Waterford, Tramore, Cappoquin, New Ross, Carrick-on-Suir and even in parts of Kilkenny city, there are, at present, far too many vacant units. Vacant units not only means there’s an economic deterrent in play, [...]