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Retail in Waterford – does it need a rebrand?

A very interesting gathering took place of retailers and some experts in Waterford last Tuesday.It proved most illuminating and suggested that there is not as much retail leakage to other areas as is popularly felt. There is only a small minority of shoppers going to Cork, Kilkenny and Dublin, over 70 per cent shop [...]

Coronavirus effects

As we write there are no cases of the virus Corona in this region. We should be just more vigilant on hygiene and live life as normally as possible.There seems to be a major anxiety and panic building up, in Ireland and around the world which can be destructive in its own [...]

North Wharf gets state aid

An image of the proposed development on the North Quays.
We were glad to see that the North Wharf is still getting state aid and substantial investment for infrastructure of 12 million plus as we wait to see a Government formed. There had been worries expressed elsewhere and by Waterford Fine Gael Candidate Cllr. John Cummins that there was no certainty that other political parties [...]

New type of Coalition

There has been much euphoria among Sinn Fein and new parties of the left since the election. The centre parties have lost ground with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael not getting enough seats between them to form a Government.Centre parties have lost ground in many countries, to the left and the right in Germany, [...]

Time for Risks

After the auction politics prior to each election, most promises are broken as politicians scramble for power.It got more heated to offer more housing commitments, pensions promises, better health service and other goodies to win votes with these political proposals coming mainly from opposition parties. The same happened in 2007, when there was a famous headline [...]

Election to bring change

Will the Government get back in is a big topic on people’s minds. The polls suggest no and a minority Government may be the result with Fianna Fail looking good in the polls so far to lead the next government. They have rejected a grand coalition with Fine Gael although offered by Fine [...]

Election interest growing

The health issue and Matt Shanahan standing as an independent caught the imagination at the opening of the campaign and there is considerable support for him in the city and east Waterford. Getting a high first preference will be a challenge if he is to remain in the hunt. The Fianna Fail candidate Eddie [...]

Election 2020

As we go to press, we must say it is a very hurried election in a bad weather month. This is not ideal for a current Government to get back in. Getting the Brexit uncertainty out of the way is one excuse for it and also the weak numbers following by election losses. One thing is sure is [...]

North gets Assembly again

NI Assembly. Photo: Wikipedia
One positive outcome of the UK elections is that a new energy has emerged to get the Stormont Assembly up and running again.Loss of seats by Sinn Fein and DUP for the London seats have seen how the people are annoyed at the lack of public representation in Belfast. It has led to education and [...]

Minister Bruton launches Climate Action Fund

Minister Richard Bruton
As we begin 2020, the biggest theme is going to be climate change actions.Ireland is way behind in many aspects from electric public transport vehicles for trains and buses to public transport policy in the regions and encouraging farmers to use less fertisiliser and promoting wetlands. The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, [...]