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Express View 2019 in review

The year 2019 overall has been mixed, when we do review it in a short summary. There was great tension towards the year end, as we waited to see would a council budget would be passed.As often happens the issue went to the wire and saw some members of the Mayor Pact opposing it finding [...]

National lottery debacle

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The National Lottery debacle last week over the top prizes being unavailable for scratch card holders was quite astonishing.We are surprised that they would blame a printing issue and say it was an error. It may be more serious than that.An investigation is needed with the regulator.Also in the contract it was stated that unpaid [...]

Driving safely over Christmas and New Year period

Driving at Christmas and in December can be risky.People are distracted and do funny things; the weather can change quickly and cause issues. Vigilance is needed like in summertime. It is not just motorists that are in danger but also cyclists and walkers too. Where Hi Vis jackets and walk on footpaths.The Road Safety Authority (RSA) [...]

Council finances hit by Irish Water and other issues

Waterford seems to be getting the hard end in relation to the forthcoming annual rates review for business in the city.A 5 per cent increase seems extraordinary and is unlikely to be adopted.With an election coming in the new year, this is a strange move by Government to lump a big rates bill on Waterford.The [...]

Shop local for Christmas

Great crowds turned on for the switching on of the Christmas lights in Waterford City on Friday last. Photo: Noel Browne.
As we write this on Monday prior to Black Friday, we are looking at one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.Shoppers across the world are searching for value and variety in the run up to Christmas. People need though to shop local and support local shops in Waterford and [...]

Waterford tourism launch

Great to see new brand developments for Waterford Tourism. In the late nineties there were some good tourism initiatives by Redmond O Donoghue, with the Waterford tourism brand.Now we have another one with the visitwaterford website.David McCoy of the House of Waterford Crystal did a good job on the launch at Tramore Racecourse last week.Failte [...]

Waterford North Wharf plans finally submitted

The ongoing story in relation to the North Quays is finally reaching full planning stage and now the next step is to see if any objections will arise.Some local authorities nearby have expressed reservations due to the scale of it.Traders in the city centre of Waterford could also be worried [...]

UK election sees Brexit delayed

Ireland has got a good break pre Christmas with a delay in Brexit.The outcome will be uncertain. The next Brexit deadline is now three months time.Even then it is likely that the transition period will be at least till the end of next year and could go on longer depending on how transition talks [...]

Dail voting reform needed for TDs

Dáil Chamber.Pic:
The situation regarding Dail voting is far from satisfactory.Perhaps there needs to be a better system, but it also requires better monitoring to stop this double voting and abuse of the system.We can recall an Irish MEP who had himself signed into the European Parliament and claimed attendance money, even though he was not present.Perhaps [...]

Climate Change

Climate Change is becoming a larger and larger issue and demonstrations are growing in cities including Dublin and LondonWhat are practical things that can be done here as a personal commitment? Simple things like walking to shops more and driving less, getting out the bike from the shed might be another consideration.Back in the day, we [...]