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Great Walsh Park Debate is Worthy

Walsh Park is a venue full of sentiment and affection for tens of thousands of Waterfordians.  									| Photo: Noel Browne
“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” – John Lennon The greatest moment of my life as a Gaelic footballer was not a win. It wasn’t a goal. It wasn’t a catch. It wasn’t a good punt pass. Indeed, it wasn’t even a moment in [...]

Let’s Make Waterford Great Again

The ‘Project Ireland 2040’ national plan, the branding of which we understand was arrived at following some Waterfordian intervention, is not the blasé, rehashed compendium of wall to wall re-announcements that some cynical commentators have claimed it to be. There are many positive elements contained within the document, and the consolidation of all five South Eastern [...]

No Grant For One-Armed Mother

Sometimes it’s hard not to despair when yet another example raises its head about official red tape that makes no sense at all. Last week, I became aware of a 38-year-old mother of two children who can’t obtain a disability grant even though she only has one arm. The woman was diagnosed with a rare form of [...]

Men at Work

Thomas Barry and James O’Sullivan working hard at the new Waterford Estuary Men’s Shed at Passage East.
Waterford Estuary Men’s Shed is the latest addition to the Men’s Shed network in Waterford. Members were hard at work fitting out their new premises in Passage East last weekend – a premises which is undoubtedly one of the most enviable Men’s Shed locations in Ireland. WATERFORD Estuary Men’s Shed is the latest addition [...]

Numbers at Kerry Airport Expanding

Former senior minister Martin Cullen – his influence at the cabinet table is sorely missed.
There is no point in going on and on about the loss of commercial flights in and out of Waterford Regional Airport but something happens almost every week to make me upset about our state of affairs. Last week, I spotted a news item about Kerry Airport at Farranfore and tourists from Germany. Over 400,000 German [...]

A Knight’s Tale

Cllr John Hearne pictured alongside Paddy when speaking at the unveiling of the new sign outside the graveyard during his tenure as Metropolitan Mayor last year. Photo: Noel Browne.
Paddy Houlihan from Ballybeg is maintaining and promoting an almost forgotten site of significant historic interest – the Knights Templar Graveyard, Kilbarry. AN IMPORTANT piece of Waterford’s history and heritage is being preserved and promoted thanks to the Trojan efforts of one local man and his granddaughter. In a fantastic display of community spirit and pride [...]

Shining a Light on our Dark Past

Pictured at WIT (Waterford Institute of Technology) at the submission of the Justice for Magdalenes (JFM) Archive to WIT were, from left: Kieran Cronin (WIT Developmental Librarian,) Dr Jennifer Yeager (Lecturer in Psychology, Principal Investigator of the Waterford Memories Project), Claire McGettrick (Co-founder JFM Research and Adoption Rights Alliance) and Dr Katherine O’Donnell (Justice for Magdalenes Research, UCD School of Philosophy). 		| Photo: Patrick Browne
“Ireland imprisoned or incarcerated one per cent of its population during the 20th Century,” UCD’s Katherine O’Connell told a slack jawed audience at WIT’s College Street Chapel on Friday last. “More than any other country in the last century. More than Soviet Russia.” Dr O’Connell was among the keynote speakers at the launch of the [...]

The Need to Safeguard Local News

The case for safeguarding regional journalism within the public service funding sphere has long been clear as far as this newspaper concerned. And if TV3 and regional radio stations feel they should be getting some slice of the licence fee, the case for newspapers being afforded some level of State protection is inarguable. Of course, such [...]

Mary McAleese caught up in “Vatican Civil War”

Mary McAleese – barred from addressing a conference in the Vatican to mark International Women’s Day.
A decision by a powerful Vatican body to bar former president, Mary McAleese, from speaking at a conference in the Vatican to mark International Women’s Day is almost certainly linked to a bitter internal battle raging within the Church. Pope Francis, a liberal pontiff who appears to becoming more popular with every passing month, is fighting [...]

Fitness for All

Peter Kirwan: “It’s not just about adding years to your life, but adding life to your years.”
A range of innovative local classes are helping older people to get active, proving that age is no barrier to keeping fit. WITH January now behind us, the novelty of New Year’s fitness regimes may be starting to wane for some. Everyone can encounter difficulty in maintaining motivation levels, but the prospect of ‘getting fit’ [...]