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Communities on alert

Newly elected TD Matt Shanahan.
Community Alert groups across Waterford are striving to prevent crime in their local areas. DFBA (Dunhill, Fenor, Boatstrand, Annestown) Community Alert Group held its AGM last week. COMMUNITY Alert groups perform an important role throughout Ireland including here in Waterford and the surrounding areas.There has been a noticeable increase in the activities of Community [...]

New type of Coalition

There has been much euphoria among Sinn Fein and new parties of the left since the election. The centre parties have lost ground with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael not getting enough seats between them to form a Government.Centre parties have lost ground in many countries, to the left and the right in Germany, [...]

Girl power

Margaret Julian and Cathriona English pictured at one of the events organised by Mna na Déise to highlight the CervicalCheck scandal.
Mna na Déise Women’s Health Group is a Women’s Health Information Community Group in Waterford Members of a local group are striving to support and empower women in relation to the issue of healthcare. Mna na Déise Women’s Health Group was founded two years ago in the wake of the CervicalCheck scandal which shocked the [...]

Time for Risks

After the auction politics prior to each election, most promises are broken as politicians scramble for power.It got more heated to offer more housing commitments, pensions promises, better health service and other goodies to win votes with these political proposals coming mainly from opposition parties. The same happened in 2007, when there was a famous headline [...]

Forty years of Portlaw Musical Society

Cast members in the 2019 production of ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’.
Portlaw Musical Society celebrates 40 consecutive shows this week with its production of ‘Cinderella’ All of the glitz and glam associated with Panto season will once again descend on Portlaw this week.The productions staged by the Portlaw Musical Society have become not-to-be-missed spectacles which appeal to people of all ages in The Tannery Town and [...]

Election to bring change

Will the Government get back in is a big topic on people’s minds. The polls suggest no and a minority Government may be the result with Fianna Fail looking good in the polls so far to lead the next government. They have rejected a grand coalition with Fine Gael although offered by Fine [...]

Pep is a good man for a bang and a clang!

Apparently, as well as a plethora of Waterford-based Manchester United and Liverpool fans, there are also more than a few Manchester City fans around the city and county of late. Good luck to them all and I hope they are very happy but, if by chance, the Man City Supporters Club invite manager Pep Guardiola over [...]

New development officially opened at the Holy Ghost

Denise Walsh, Assistant Manager and Bridget Roche, Nurse Manager.
A €3.6m refurbishment and modernisation programme has been completed at the Holy Ghost Residential Home The latest chapter in the illustrious history of the Holy Ghost Residential Home was marked last week.Minister of State for Older People Jim Daly performed the official opening of a €3.6 million refurbishment and modernisation programme on Wednesday last January [...]

Election interest growing

The health issue and Matt Shanahan standing as an independent caught the imagination at the opening of the campaign and there is considerable support for him in the city and east Waterford. Getting a high first preference will be a challenge if he is to remain in the hunt. The Fianna Fail candidate Eddie [...]

John Delaney seeks big job in USA

John Delaney (56) is an American attorney, businessman, and politician who is running for President of the United States. A Catholic, he describes himself as three-quarters Irish and one-quarter English. It’s not clear where in Ireland his connections are but the surnames Rowe and Lynch also figure in his family tree.
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, John Delaney is seeking the US Democratic nomination to battle it out with sitting President Donald Trump in next year’s election. However, the John Delaney in question is not the former FAI chief, rather a 56-year-old former US congressman for Maryland and, at the time of writing, one of [...]