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It’s Hard to Be a Man: Since When?

Feminist Germaine Greer, who has described the #MeToo campaign as "whingeing".
The #MeToo and #Time’s Up campaigns have shone a light on the alleged sexual misconduct of several major Hollywood personalities and if the past few months offer any indicator, further revelations appear inevitable – and more reputations will tumble. But the idea that it’s suddenly become hard to be a man appears a tad misplaced, and [...]

Hopes for a Spring Tide

As far as most Irish are concerned, Spring has sprung once more, and hopes for a progressive year in Waterford and across the region are building. News broke last week of a proposed leisure facility development in Ballybeg on a site adjoining Tesco. This represents the most positive news the area has received in quite some [...]

Leave the judges and their poor boxes alone

The matter of District Court judges using the ‘poor box’ as a means of defendants avoiding a conviction is once again back in the news. Under scrutiny is the very idea of a ‘poor box’ and also the charities that benefit. Personally, I firmly believe in the notion of the poor box and in judges [...]

Honouring a GAA stalwart

Noel O’Sullivan was the recipient of the Jack Furlong Award at The Local Bar Waterford GAA Awards. Pictured is Pat Flynn, Secretary Co. GAA Board presenting the award to Noel. Included are Paddy Joe Ryan, Chairman Co. GAA Board and Molly Gough, The Local Bar, Sponsors.  Photo: Sean Byrne.
Noel O’Sullivan was recently given a special presentation in recognition of his distinguished service to the GAA. NOEL O’Sullivan is a familiar face to many Waterford GAA fans. Noel’s illustrious involvement with the GAA has taken on various guises down through the years, including as a player, referee and steward. In recognition of his many years of distinguished [...]

This Region Must Strive for Cohesion

The idea of open hostility between the residents of Waterford and Kilkenny is astoundingly wide of the mark. We are not the warring neighbours that some headline writers have otherwise suggested.
There is no phonier ‘war’ I can think of than the one that some would still have you believe exists along the invisible boundary line between Waterford and Kilkenny. And it disappoints me that I feel I’ve got to address the Waterford/Kilkenny ‘conflict’ yet again but in the wake of last Tuesday’s ‘Deise Today’ programme on [...]

Are the Irish over-qualified?

A Sunday Times report over the weekend put Ireland at the top of the league in terms of overeducation in Europe.Cormac Lucey’s analysis suggests that some students who may not be cut out for specific levels of academic study are being pushed into third level education at the expense of vocational education. Do we need more [...]

Do we need a Minister for the Lonely?

The appointment of Tracey Crouch as a Minister for Civil Society in the UK (taking a lead on loneliness) has prompted calls for a similar appointment to be made in Ireland.
“I want to comfort this challenge for our society, and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones – people who have no-one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with.” – British Prime Minister Theresa [...]

A Community on Alert

Sgt Alan Kissane speaking in Ballyduff Community Centre.
Numerous groups throughout the locality are striving to prevent instances of criminal activity within their own communities. One of the most active such groups met in Ballyduff Community Centre last week. CRIME, and particularly rural crime, has once again been under the spotlight both locally and nationally in recent times. There are many groups throughout the [...]

Minister outlines mortgage plan but more supply needed

We listened with interest to Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy’s offer for a new initiative on housing. The 1000 mortgages offer at long term fixed rates of over 2 per cent for year one is very attractive and should suit many in the provinces, where incomes are not too high and property prices reasonable. For [...]

Farewell to Faha’s Friend

Mary, a big sports fan, pictured supporting the Déise.
LAST week the small community of Faha outside Kilmacthomas mourned the death of one of its oldest and longest residents.Each community has its own individual people who define that particular area and, in the case of Faha, Mary Flynn was certainly one of its stars. Having grown up in the area, I am fortunate to [...]