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Finally, a peaceful resting place for three little boys

There are many Irish Famine memorials in Canada similar to this one at Ireland Park in Toronto.
In a poignant story, scientists have just confirmed that human bones washed up on a Canadian beach eight years ago were those of three children from Ireland who set sail from Sligo in March 1847 during the Famine years. The name of the ship was The Carrick and it was carrying 180 passengers when it sank [...]

Grace sails on to Europe

Anxious moments for Grace O’Sullivan and her campaign manager, Jacqui Corcoran, during the long count in Cork.
Congratulations to Senator Grace O’Sullivan on taking the fourth seat in the Euro South Constituency. The first Waterford-based MEP, everybody in the city and county, regardless of political persuasion, is pleased for her. Congratulations also to her hard working team and especially to her Waterford-based campaign manager, Jacqui Corcoran, with whom she started out on [...]

A spooky coincidence reveals the poignant past

The famous Mick Delahunty playing in The Collins Hall, Clonmel in 1983.   | Photo: Courtesy of the Donal Wylde Archive
Recently, I was speaking to an old friend who told me a story about his late father who was a musician and the leader of an old style, sit-down orchestra that was very popular in the 1950s and early 1960s.While my friend’s father was still relatively a young man he took ill and died on [...]

Another Eurovision disappointment

Sadly, once again Ireland has flopped at Eurovision and we ended up with the lowest number of votes of any country in the two semi-finals. In fairness to Sarah McTernan, she performed well and wasn’t fazed by the big occasion but the song was weak and she couldn’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s [...]

Death of music legend, John Duggan

The great John ‘Don’ Duggan, who passed away last week.
Unfortunately, Waterford lost another star last week when the great John/Don Duggan passed away to his eternal reward.A former lead singer with The Savoy Showband, he later formed The Partners with his friend, the late Danny Tobin, and they were one of the biggest acts on the cabaret circuit for over 25 years.John was a [...]

Will spirit of the law trump letter of the law?

Waterford FC fans, and sports people in general, were upset and angered by a belated decision by Uefa not to allow the Blues to compete in Europe despite qualifying to do so on the field of play. After ten long years in the wilderness of Division One, Waterford finished fourth in the Premier Division in 2018. [...]

A beautiful book, especially for printers – young and old

One of the reproductions in the book is of the poster that advertised the first ever amateur production of John B Keane’s now famous play, ‘Sive’. For many years, every theatrical poster printed in Listowel carried the following slogan on the bottom line: ‘The stage shall never die’.
A good idea is a good idea and I’ve just read a very interesting and beautifully printed book that I wished had been written about Waterford but, in fact, it was written about the town of Listowel in County Kerry.Entitled ‘Listowel – A Printers Legacy 1870-1970’, it tells the story of the history of printing [...]

The ancient Romans loved sulky racing

Now that the bright evenings are getting longer, racing sulkies, much loved by Travellers, are becoming more visible on our roads.Different people have different views but, last week, a councilor in Tipperary called for an official sulky racing track to be established in the county, one that would also most likely attract sulky enthusiasts from [...]

Just like The Queen, they were not amused

We’re reliably informed that our story was read by the EU’s Chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, along with Commission President, Jean Claude Juncker
The Greek philosopher Plato once said that even the Gods loved jokes but for a while last week he was almost proved wrong.Our Munster Express April Fool story about British Prime Minister, Theresa May, buying a holiday home in Dunmore East took off like a rocket in the print and broadcast media and went viral [...]

What’s going to happen to our Saint Anthony?

The late Brother Columbanus Deegan in John Roberts Square at a time when it was still affectionately known to Waterfordians as ‘Red Square’.
It is sad to think that the Franciscan Friary in Waterford may close. There are few if any vocations coming through and the four Friars in Waterford are now elderly and cannot continue to serve for much longer. As the world twists and changes, as it always has, it would be the loss of yet [...]