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No mistaking that famous Doonican smile

Enjoying a joint birthday celebration were brother and sister, John Doonican and Teresa Finnegan.
Visitors to the Whitford House Hotel in Wexford a couple of weeks ago could be excused for glancing a second time in the direction of this happy pair enjoying a very special double-birthday celebration. John Doonican and his sister, Teresa Finnegan, are originally from Roanmore Park in Waterford and were celebrating their respective 82nd and [...]

Playing the Blues and killing cancer

Looking at this band photograph you could be excused for saying there was nothing too unusual about the middle-aged guy blowing up a storm with his harmonica. You would be wrong. As well as being a red-hot player with the US Checkpoint group, James Allison is also a Nobel Prize winner in medicine for his pioneering [...]

A plea to those who cruelly write and comment

Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has withering words for cruel trolls
Most people are aware of the trouble and stress caused by some tabloid newspapers and, of course, bullies calling themselves keyboard warriors on social media. The most recent case of television personality, Caroline Flack, is a case in point with her family claiming that internet trolls, some sections of the media and even part of the [...]

Bernie and Eddie take their final bows

Cheers from pianist Bernie Flanagan who died last week.
Sad to record the deaths of Bernie Flanagan and Eddie Drea as another two, respected Waterford musicians passed to their eternal reward last week. Affectionately known to some of his musical friends as ‘Fingers’, Bernie was a pianist par excellence equally at home playing classical and standards as a soloist or as a member of any [...]

Pep is a good man for a bang and a clang!

Apparently, as well as a plethora of Waterford-based Manchester United and Liverpool fans, there are also more than a few Manchester City fans around the city and county of late. Good luck to them all and I hope they are very happy but, if by chance, the Man City Supporters Club invite manager Pep Guardiola over [...]

John Delaney seeks big job in USA

John Delaney (56) is an American attorney, businessman, and politician who is running for President of the United States. A Catholic, he describes himself as three-quarters Irish and one-quarter English. It’s not clear where in Ireland his connections are but the surnames Rowe and Lynch also figure in his family tree.
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, John Delaney is seeking the US Democratic nomination to battle it out with sitting President Donald Trump in next year’s election. However, the John Delaney in question is not the former FAI chief, rather a 56-year-old former US congressman for Maryland and, at the time of writing, one of [...]

Election candidates edge to starting line

We still don’t know the exact date but it won’t be long until we are into the hectic swing of a general election. Hip, Hip, say some while others hold their heads in woe. Of course, with so little between the parties in the opinion polls (taking the degree of error into account) you would need [...]

A majestic voice is silenced

The sudden and unexpected death of Dick Hayes caused much sadness over Christmas and the New Year and has deprived Waterford, and the city in particular, of one of its greatest, ever, singing talents. One of the finest vocalists of his generation, Dick enjoyed much success throughout his career and was genuinely admired and loved in [...]

Infamous hoax revisited

‘Alice and the Fairies’ one of the most infamous hoax photographs of the 20th century – or was it?
One of the most infamous hoaxes ever perpetrated in England occurred during the early years of the 20th century. Two children aged 9 and 16 managed to fool everybody with their ‘joke’ so much so that their prank made headlines around the world. First of all it is important to remember that in 1917 very few [...]

General Richard Mulcahy – the Waterford connection

Richard Mulcahy as Minister for Education 1954 to 1957 under Taoiseach John A Costello.
A recent article about the new book on General Richard Mulcahy by Dr Padraig O Caoimh was so well received by readers that the author has written a special piece for this page highlighting the patriot’s strong Waterford connections.Richard James Mulcahy – former Chief of Staff of the Irish Volunteers/IRA and Commander-in-Chief cum Minister for [...]