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David Walsh’s secret County hurling medal!

Award winning sportswriter and author, Slieverue's David Walsh.
Most people know who David Walsh is but, for the record, best selling author David is from Slieverue and is chief sports writer for The Sunday Times. He is a four-time Irish Sportswriter of the Year and a three-time UK Sportswriter of the Year. However, not many people know that David began his journalistic career with [...]

Ballybricken’s missing cats!

It was interesting to read last week that Ballyhaunis in County Mayo is being over run by feral cats. Apparently, the number of wild cats has reached epidemic proportions and volunteers counted at least 30 of the species in just one back street. Mind you, Ballyhaunis must be the most rodent free town in Ireland so [...]

Dearth of influence at cabinet table

Former Waterford TD and Government Minister Austin Deasy
As Waterford struggles on so many fronts at present, can I just repeat, once again, something I have been saying for many years. There is no agenda against Waterford. Nobody hates us and nobody is constantly trying to do us down. But what everybody else is doing is looking after themselves and because we don’t [...]

Statue depicts Satan as a kindly old man

What do you think would happen if Waterford City & County Council decided to erect a statue of Satan in the city centre? Not only that, the statue would depict a kindly old man taking a mobile phone selfie of himself! Well, that is exactly what the inhabitants of Segovia, a city in mainland Spain with [...]

A golden voice for RTE Gold

The legendary Larry Gogan.
And so, the evergreen Larry Gogan moves to yet another chapter in his long career as he switches from RTE’s 2fm to RTE Gold.Larry is the original Irish pop DJ and from the halcyon days of the showband era he is one of just a handful of big names remaining. Of the original first wave, only [...]

Was there life on mars?

IT looks like the age-old question of whether or not there was once life on Mars will finally be answered before too long.NASA’s next rover mission will touch down on the Red Planet with the specific aim of trying to identify evidence of past biology. In particular, it will be searching for clues in rocks that [...]

Eat, drink and be merry?

A Group of Workers at the Home & Colonial Store on Borad Street, Waterford May 10th 1910
A well-known Waterford couple were both into their 80s and had been married for over 50 years. He was known to be under the thumb of his bossy wife who had her own reputation of never spending a euro if a cent would do. She controlled the purse-strings and, if he was lucky, her [...]

Growing numbers of people with no place to live

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.” - US President Franklin D Roosevelt For the most part, Fr Peter McVerry is associated with the battle against homelessness in Dublin but, last week, the respected [...]

Whatever happened to that cute little ‘Ho, ho, ho’ girl?

The Stapley family photographed at the wedding of Holly in 2013. Her sister, Alexandra, is on the extreme right.
Well it’s Christmas time and the famous Kelloggs Corn Flakes ad is on television once again, the one with the cute little blonde girl who says ‘Ho, ho, ho’ to Santa.Believe it or not, that ad was made 27 years ago in 1991 and the little girl is now grown up and was married in [...]

The Fascinating Story of William Carr Beresford

At the launch of the biography of Marshal William Carr Beresford were the author, Marcus de la Poer Beresford (right) and the distinguished Waterford-born and Newtown School educated historian, Professor Roy Foster.
Most Waterford people know a little about Curraghmore House and the Beresford family who have been the marquises of Waterford since the 1700s but, perhaps, not too much about individual members and their extended families.A new book by the distinguished lawyer and historian Marcus de la Poer Beresford about his distant relative, Marshal William Carr [...]