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“The Hucklebuck” was almost an accidental hit

Many thanks to reader ‘TR’ for your letter and kind comments that are much appreciated. I share your admiration for Brendan Bowyer and The Royal Showband and their recording of ‘The Hucklebuck’.The story of ‘The Hucklebuck’ is interesting because, initially, The Royal had no intention of recording the tune that had previously been covered [...]

Still No Show Like a Joe Show!

Joe Dolan's nephew, Adrian, and older brother, Ben, at the singer’s statue in Mullingar.
Almost 11 years after his death (where does the time go?) Joe Dolan continues to be as popular as ever. Such are the numbers of people coming to Mullingar to visit his statue and grave, Westmeath County Council has decided to create an App that people can use when they visit the town. The App will guide [...]

The Beast of Listrolin’s Cousin

A panther-like creature has been sighted in the Crosshaven area in Lower Cork Harbour.
Two years ago, I closed the file on the mysterious Beast of Listrolin, a black panther-like animal that was first seen in Listrolin in South Kilkenny. Following numerous sightings over a number of years in South Kilkenny and just over the river in parts of Kilmeaden, Mount Congreve and Bilberry, the mysterious black cat simply disappeared. Having [...]

No “Deise Dandy” in Presidential Race

It is my sad duty this week to announce that it is highly unlikely that we will have a Waterford-based candidate in the Presidential Election. As all the various candidates poured forth, I asked a friend, a well-known citizen whom we shall call ‘Deise Dandy’, would he be interested in seeking a nomination but his polite [...]

Thinking Yourself Younger is Possible

Do you know the way you often hear people saying that if you’ve got the right attitude it really helps? Well, scientists have now discovered that it’s actually very true. Professor Billy O’Connor of Limerick University, who has a particular interest in brain research, says that, probably, the greatest discovery of this generation is that an [...]

Mooncoin author on Kilkenny’s role in War of Independence

This rare photograph shows Cathal Brugha, who was elected as a TD for the Waterford Constituency in 1918, speaking at a rally in Mooncoin on June 12th, 1922. Eamon de Valera is seated behind him. Brugha was killed three weeks later in a Civil War clash with Free State forces.  Photograph courtesy National Library of Ireland.
A new book by Mooncoin born author, Eoin Swithin Walsh, is set to rewrite history about the involvement of ‘military elements’ in Kilkenny during the War of Independence and subsequent Civil War. Entitled ‘Kilkenny in Times of Revolution 1900-1923’, Eoin’s book is described by Professor Diarmaid Ferriter of UCD as ‘well written, of considerable depth and [...]

Fianna Fáil Proposes Aid to Combat “Fake News”

There has been general a positive response to the new Fianna Fáil proposals on newspapers and the media in general. The plan was recently announced by the party’s front bench Communications spokesperson, Timmy Dooley. It is, he says, a new policy designed to sustain high quality journalism in Irish public life. Mr Dooley said the decline in [...]

City/Tramore Ghost Finally Laid to Rest

This is an archive photograph of a Waterford street singer (and street walker) who was known as Happy Henrietta. Some people think that she was the infamous Waterford and Tramore ghost now finally at rest.
Remember the prostitute’s ghost who was reportedly encountered by different taxi drivers on the Quay in Waterford on two separate occasions? Then, according to reports, she took herself off to Tramore on her holidays?Well, it would appear that she returned to Tramore over the August Bank Holiday Weekend where she took up residence on the [...]

Concern Over Weakening of Warm Gulf Stream

A recent joint paper from scientists at NUI Galway and the US University of Maine has, surprisingly, not received front-page headlines in this country. Basically, the experts are saying that the flow of the Gulf Stream is now at its weakest in at least 1,600 years. If the trend continues, Ireland and Britain could experience a [...]

New Barrow Bridge To Be Named Soon

Works are ongoing at the Glenmore Roundabout, as the Ballyverneen Road Overbridge continues. | Photos:
As work continues on the magnificent new bridge across the River Barrow from the Pink Rock near Glenmore to Stokestown on the Wexford side of the river, a total of 209 submissions have been received regarding the name of the bridge that will enable traffic to bypass New Ross, currently a bottleneck at peak times. There [...]