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What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

Does this mosaic of Christ in the Domitilla Catacombs in Rome really represent the closest image there is of the real-life Jesus?
From numerous religious paintings and icons our subconscious has formed an image of Jesus mostly as a handsome, thin figure with long hair and dressed in loose robes. Most film portrayals show him as fair-skinned and, sometimes, with piercing, blue eyes.The likelihood is that most of those presumptions were not correct and the real-life, historic [...]

Take a Walk, Have a Drink and Shout at the TV!

Be positive: it’s never too late to embrace new things.
A recent scientific investigation into ageing came up with some interesting findings. Globally, the average life span is 72 years and, for a few lucky people, it may exceed 100 years. In the early 1900s, it was in the region of 50 years. Today’s extra decades come courtesy of vaccines, antibiotics, sanitation and improved detection [...]

Exhumed Remains Still with Undertaker Five Months Later

Disputes over graves and who should be buried in them are nothing new in this country but last week came news of an unusual case about a local family locked in dispute with Tipperary County Council over the reburial of exhumed remains in Carrick-on-Suir. There were two, detailed reports in The Clonmel Nationalist by former Waterford [...]

No Grant For One-Armed Mother

Sometimes it’s hard not to despair when yet another example raises its head about official red tape that makes no sense at all. Last week, I became aware of a 38-year-old mother of two children who can’t obtain a disability grant even though she only has one arm. The woman was diagnosed with a rare form of [...]

Numbers at Kerry Airport Expanding

Former senior minister Martin Cullen – his influence at the cabinet table is sorely missed.
There is no point in going on and on about the loss of commercial flights in and out of Waterford Regional Airport but something happens almost every week to make me upset about our state of affairs. Last week, I spotted a news item about Kerry Airport at Farranfore and tourists from Germany. Over 400,000 German [...]

Mary McAleese caught up in “Vatican Civil War”

Mary McAleese – barred from addressing a conference in the Vatican to mark International Women’s Day.
A decision by a powerful Vatican body to bar former president, Mary McAleese, from speaking at a conference in the Vatican to mark International Women’s Day is almost certainly linked to a bitter internal battle raging within the Church. Pope Francis, a liberal pontiff who appears to becoming more popular with every passing month, is fighting [...]

Leave the judges and their poor boxes alone

The matter of District Court judges using the ‘poor box’ as a means of defendants avoiding a conviction is once again back in the news. Under scrutiny is the very idea of a ‘poor box’ and also the charities that benefit. Personally, I firmly believe in the notion of the poor box and in judges [...]

Air Quality in New Ross “is worse than Beijing”

For a short period in December, the air quality in New Ross was worse than that recorded in Beijing.
Former Tánaiste Mary Harney will always be remembered as the minister who saved thousands of lives by introducing smokeless coal zones in this country. The ban was introduced in Dublin in September 1990 after several years of severe winter smog. Five years later it was extended to a number of other major urban areas including Waterford [...]

Mobile Phone Health Debate Back on Agenda

The debate about mobile phone radiation and whether or not it is damaging to health is back on the agenda. It first emerged years ago when mobiles became popular with a large percentage of the population but, for a long while, there hasn’t been much talk about it. Now, however, the debate about electromagnetic radiation has taken [...]

A farewell to Dick Warner

The late Dick Warner, who will be sadly missed.
resident Michal D Higgins led the tributes to Dick Warner (70), the golden voiced documentary maker with a poet’s turn of phrase who died suddenly almost two weeks ago. Credited with bringing Ireland’s waterways into the imagination of the nation, Dick was on a boat near Ballinasloe when he took ill. Apart from his television and radio [...]