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Shining a Light on our Dark Past

Pictured at WIT (Waterford Institute of Technology) at the submission of the Justice for Magdalenes (JFM) Archive to WIT were, from left: Kieran Cronin (WIT Developmental Librarian,) Dr Jennifer Yeager (Lecturer in Psychology, Principal Investigator of the Waterford Memories Project), Claire McGettrick (Co-founder JFM Research and Adoption Rights Alliance) and Dr Katherine O’Donnell (Justice for Magdalenes Research, UCD School of Philosophy). 		| Photo: Patrick Browne
“Ireland imprisoned or incarcerated one per cent of its population during the 20th Century,” UCD’s Katherine O’Connell told a slack jawed audience at WIT’s College Street Chapel on Friday last. “More than any other country in the last century. More than Soviet Russia.” Dr O’Connell was among the keynote speakers at the launch of the [...]

It’s Hard to Be a Man: Since When?

Feminist Germaine Greer, who has described the #MeToo campaign as "whingeing".
The #MeToo and #Time’s Up campaigns have shone a light on the alleged sexual misconduct of several major Hollywood personalities and if the past few months offer any indicator, further revelations appear inevitable – and more reputations will tumble. But the idea that it’s suddenly become hard to be a man appears a tad misplaced, and [...]

This Region Must Strive for Cohesion

The idea of open hostility between the residents of Waterford and Kilkenny is astoundingly wide of the mark. We are not the warring neighbours that some headline writers have otherwise suggested.
There is no phonier ‘war’ I can think of than the one that some would still have you believe exists along the invisible boundary line between Waterford and Kilkenny. And it disappoints me that I feel I’ve got to address the Waterford/Kilkenny ‘conflict’ yet again but in the wake of last Tuesday’s ‘Deise Today’ programme on [...]

Do we need a Minister for the Lonely?

The appointment of Tracey Crouch as a Minister for Civil Society in the UK (taking a lead on loneliness) has prompted calls for a similar appointment to be made in Ireland.
“I want to comfort this challenge for our society, and for all of us to take action to address the loneliness endured by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones – people who have no-one to talk to or share their thoughts and experiences with.” – British Prime Minister Theresa [...]

John McDonald and the pursuit of equality

Those of us not reliant on wheelchairs can lose sight of the daily difficulties that users encounter.
Having secured the public bus tender for Waterford, Bus Éireann’s commitment to add 17 disability-friendly buses (complete with ramps) across its five city routes represented a positive development for people with disabilities. But, as disability campaigner John McDonald told me, sometimes even welcome news like this requires some fine print reading. “I’ve not been able [...]

TU or not TU: that is the big question

Happy WIT graduates. Fears that the Institute may be led down the garden path by the TU process cannot be dismissed as tribal paranoia.
“New legislation due to commence soon will pave the way for the first technological university. The idea is that by merging institutes of technology, we can create larger and more powerful institutes of technology. A DIT-led university will likely be the first to meet the criteria towards the end of 2018. A formal name-change and [...]

Glencairn Life Through A Lens

'Glencairn Abbey: A Year in the Life' provides a fascinating insight into a different way of life that's been rooted in West Waterford for almost 90 years. 	| Photo: Valerie O'Sullivan
“Anyone who has ever passed through the gates of Glencairn Abbey, know well that as well as delicious cherry cake, it has something very special to offer. It gives people peace, time to listen to the inner spirit and encouragement when facing difficulty.” – Mairead Lavery ‘Glencairn Abbey: A Year in the Life’ is a magnificent [...]

Sharing the Festive Load

Sharing the load is a catchy tagline, no doubt, but it’s also one worth paying attention to.
“Dig deep within yourself, for there is a fountain of goodness ever ready to flow if you will keep digging.” - Marcus Aurelius Christmas throws up so many emotions, from either end of the spectrum. While we’ll revel in the wide eyed joy that children bring to the Festive Season, us grown-ups will take stock [...]

All is Calm…

Christmas Eve: the one day of the year there’s a candle lit in my house. Now it’s not that I’ve an aversion to candles, but growing up in a house where my Dad spoke about the marks left by them on walls he plastered would appear to have left its mark! December 24th, as long as [...]

VdeP: Education the key to breaking the poverty cycle

“We got a request a few years back from a young student in Ballybeg, who had just completed her Leaving Cert,” said Mick Hassett of the Waterford Saint Vincent de Paul (VdeP). “She was the first member of her family to enter third level education. She wrote a letter to us asking could we help her [...]