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Silent Heroism and Resilience

Stephen Fry has found a route to endure while living with Bipolar Disorder
THAT so many people in the public eye have come forward with their personal accounts of mental ill-health, depression and suicidal ideation has,I suspect, saved a few lives.The notion that a healthy bank account, celebrity and a mass social media followings all you need to safely paddle through life is wildly misplaced.Depression is an indiscriminate [...]

A 25-year Waterford mystery

Imelda Keenan was last seen on January 3rd, 1994. Next Thursday marks the 25th anniversary of her disappearance.
ON Thursday next, Gerry Keenan will make the sad walk to the William Street Bridge in Waterford city and ask himself, as he’s done every January 3rd for the previous 24 years: “What happened to Imelda?”This is an anniversary which the Keenan family must dread: marking the day their then 22-year-old sister was last seen. No [...]

Stray Thoughts on the Festive Season

Being this time of year and all, one particular email, though somewhat expected, still came as a delight to receive amidst the helter-skelter of a season that, for many, particularly reminds us of those we’ve lost. It matters not if you’ve buried someone this year, 10 years or 30 years ago: that particular space at [...]

We must believe suffering women

Margaret Martin (Women’s Aid Director) and Virgin Media’s Elaine Crowley, highlighting a radio, online and poster campaign the charity ran in 2015.
This firmly and wholeheartedly remains a man’s world. The notion that it’s become something other than that has been largely peddled by men for whom, in the natural course of events, the finish line is a few furlongs closer than it is for younger, fitter generations. The notion that women are “taking over” this country [...]

Time to ignore the flat earthers

Journalists have a civic responsibility every time they file copy or turn up a fader. In an field where ignorance is now being given far too much credence, we all need to raise our game.
“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” - Rudyard Kipling Television and radio news programming, just like newspapers, ought to inform their audience. As a minimum requirement, the media should endeavour to tick such a box. That journalism is a gig with many frustrations is hardly this trade’s sole preserve. And let’s [...]

Life on Katie’s Island

Katie Taylor's drive has been superbly characterised by film maker Ross Whitaker.
As a boxer, Katie Taylor has it all: supreme athleticism, balletic footwork, masterful control of the ring and devastating punching power. A talent which the Bray native feels is God-given, honed since her single digit years, was immortalised by Olympic Gold in London. That glorious day, as was the case when Michael Carruth topped the [...]

Tale of Two City Alerts

The Army's Explosive Ordnance Disposal team roll out their robot in the grounds of Waterford Courthouse on Friday afternoon last
Friday, November 23rd, 12.48pm: A Tweet alerts our newsroom to an evacuation of City Square, the hub of ‘Black Friday’ activity in a damp, grey Waterford. There’s a somewhat confused crowd gathered at the Peter Mark entrance, which I stride past to see what’s afoot at the car park entrance, where the gates remain down. [...]

A Ball of Smoke Stadium Debate

Walsh Park will be redeveloped. The time has for that penny to drop passed months ago.
Controlling the message is a key component to any well-resourced strategy or plan devised by a local authority, regional agency or a sporting organisation such as the County Board of Waterford GAA. But in truth, attempting to control the message is probably the best any organisation can hope for. Why? Because once a press release [...]

A Journey Into Cycling “Hell”

“‘Paris-Roubaix’ is cycling’s Cape Horn,’ said the double winner Marc Madiot – in other words – the ultimate challenge – adding that, ‘in an era of cycling by computer it sublimates the artists who use pen on paper. It’s as beautiful as a parchment manuscript.’ The race is anachronistic, but glorious.” - William Fotheringham (Sunday [...]

Waterford’s Time to Shine

The North Quay will create a new neighbourhood in our city centre, and is likely to make the South Quay a more attractive residential proposition.
The Deloitte report prepared for Waterford City & County Council outlines this area’s prospects under the Government’s ‘Ireland 2040 plan’ and localises the plan’s eight major objectives. The first of these is titled: ‘A fair society within which all regions have the chance to prosper with the North Quay development identified as the key local innovation [...]