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The Power of Positivity

The latest series of ‘Operation Transformation’ was testament not only to the power of positive thinking, but to what family and community support can make possible.
“She has the happy knack of picking herself up and making lemonade out of the lemons life throws at her.” Sunday evening. I am sat behind the wheel of my car, a link in a chain of chrome and steel worming along the N77 between Durrow and Abbeyleix. A flurry of snow has once again [...]

Future-proofing Regional Towns

National, regional and local reports regarding the futures of our provincial towns are high on aspiration.
(Part Two): The National Planning Framework (NPF) is, by and large, a laudable document. Like many previously published Government reports, it’s Himalayan in aspiration, but the proof of the pudding will, as always, be in the eating. Come 2040, by which time this report will have nominally fulfilled its primary objectives, it will be of [...]

Future-proofing Regional Towns

Towns such as New Ross and Carrick-on-Suir require strategic Government attention, according to New Ross-based County Councillor Michael Sheehan - but local residents also have a vital role to play.
The Southern Regional Assembly’s Draft Economic Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES), which is linked into the Project Ireland 2040 policy (embracing the National Development Plan), identifies 14 key towns in the Southern Region. To the recent incredulity of South Kilkenny Councillors, Kilkenny features under such a heading (topping the list in population terms), despite the city [...]

Jack’s life brought to book

Jack Kelly’s book, ‘77 Years A Dreaming’, was published by the Waterford Healing Arts Trust.  | Photo: Sean O’Brien
Writing a book is an ambition that many have, few pursue and even fewer realise. To see one’s name on the cover of a publication assembled largely by one’s own wit and recollection must be quite the sensation, akin to topping a cast list for a major stage production. A truly magical, validating feeling. But [...]

Glimpsing a Better Future

A visit to Athlone Town Centre on Sunday felt like a glimpse of what lies ahead at the Michael Street development.
Last weekend, the potential for the Michael Street development hit me right between the eyes in the guise of a superbly appointed retail centre which, on first viewing, is clearly getting quite the polish to look this good a dozen years after its opening. The 176,000 square foot, €500 million Athlone Town Centre, with over [...]

The struggle for fairness

The small but significant plaque hanging in the reception area of the Dialysis Unit at UHW. The people of this region are accustomed to rowing uphill when it comes to health service provision.
On Wednesday last, I visited the Dialysis Unit at University Hospital Waterford (UHW), where 18 patients had just begun their latest four-hour stint of treatment. Most of the 120 patients attending the unit do so three times weekly, spending a total of 12 hours on a bed, connected to a blood cleansing machine. The staff [...]

Intolerable Cruelty

‘Black Beauty’ might be over 140 years old, but the central message of Anna Sewell’s masterpiece remains sadly relevant in 2019.
“Cruelty was the devil’s own trade mark, and if we saw any one who took pleasure in cruelty, we might know who he belonged to, for the devil was a murderer from the beginning, and a tormentor to the end. On the other hand, where we saw people who loved their neighbours, and were kind [...]

The rubbishing of Waterford

Rubbish I recently photographed near Portlaw
You’d wonder what other transgressions are committed by those who treat the ditches of County Waterford as a public dump and the streets of our city as an open sewer for their dogs. You’d wonder what’s the level of their contribution to the communities they live in. You’d wonder what bubble they must live in [...]

Silent Heroism and Resilience

Stephen Fry has found a route to endure while living with Bipolar Disorder
THAT so many people in the public eye have come forward with their personal accounts of mental ill-health, depression and suicidal ideation has,I suspect, saved a few lives.The notion that a healthy bank account, celebrity and a mass social media followings all you need to safely paddle through life is wildly misplaced.Depression is an indiscriminate [...]

A 25-year Waterford mystery

Imelda Keenan was last seen on January 3rd, 1994. Next Thursday marks the 25th anniversary of her disappearance.
ON Thursday next, Gerry Keenan will make the sad walk to the William Street Bridge in Waterford city and ask himself, as he’s done every January 3rd for the previous 24 years: “What happened to Imelda?”This is an anniversary which the Keenan family must dread: marking the day their then 22-year-old sister was last seen. No [...]