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Tea in the Home of an Irish Hero

The Crean tomb at Ballinacourty Graveyard, which was built by Tom Crean himself.
“Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, Honour and recognition in case of success.” The above quote, attributed to Ernest Shackelton, greets visitors at the South Pole Inn, the premises built and run by a “a great Irishman who didn’t have to die [...]

Gary Graham on a life in full “Bloom”

Gary Graham devised the Bloom concept, and it’s proven an outstanding addition to the Irish festival/event circuit. For more on Bloom, visit
Bloom, the brainchild of Woodstown resident Gary Graham, has sunk deep roots into the Irish festival/event circuit since it was first held back in 2007. With its 12th staging in the Phoenix Park now less than two months away (May 31st to June 4th), its London-born and Dublin reared founder made for a fascinating guest speaker [...]

An Open Letter to Simon Harris

Dear Minister The nature of journalism, to draw a comparison with politics, entails attending meetings. A lot of meetings. Sometimes, if it feels like we’re attending the same meeting again and again, discussing and debating the same issue, well that’s because we have been in this part of the country for far too long. And when it comes [...]

“Intense localism” won’t push our region forward

Former Munster MEP and European Parliament President Pat Cox proved typically informative during a Waterford Chamber Breakfast address on Thursday last.
Pat Cox commented on the palpable ’spring in the step’ of the local business community when visiting Waterford on Thursday last, when speaking at a Waterford Chamber Breakfast, where he predominantly focused on Brexit. That the former European Parliament President reserved most of his 50-minute address at Dooley’s Hotel to the great economic and political minefield [...]

North Quay Project Will Not Gather Dust

Waterford City & County Council hasn’t ruled out staging another Tall Ships Festival, and the Fawaz Al Hokair plan for the North Quays isn’t likely to prevent the event from returning here either.
There’s a CD-ROM (remember them?) from 2002 on my work desk which by now I ought to have labelled: ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. It details the then Government’s hopes (via the Office of Public Works) to rejuvenate the North Quays in Waterford, which it promoted via a €250,000 international architectural and urban design competition, [...]

The Pitfalls of Strategic Communication

Last week wasn’t the greatest from a communications perspective for Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.
“Communication across government is an absolute prerequisite for effective implementation of policy initiatives. Communication to our citizens is an essential public service: the public has a right to know what their government is doing on their behalf, and why. That is why this new unit is being set up within civil service structures.” – [...]

Photographing an Unyielding Ireland

Rosary night in Currabaha, County Waterford (1991) as captured by Kilmeaden-born Richard Fitzgerald.
‘Dark Ireland: Images Of A Lost World’ is an apt title for Richard Fitzgerald’s latest photographic tome of Ireland’s near past. The Kilmeaden-born Fitzgerald first picked up a camera in 1966, and went on to see the world as a ships-photographer before opening a studio in London. The author’s biography reads: “Throughout his life, he has faithfully [...]

Great Walsh Park Debate is Worthy

Walsh Park is a venue full of sentiment and affection for tens of thousands of Waterfordians.  									| Photo: Noel Browne
“Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones.” – John Lennon The greatest moment of my life as a Gaelic footballer was not a win. It wasn’t a goal. It wasn’t a catch. It wasn’t a good punt pass. Indeed, it wasn’t even a moment in [...]

Shining a Light on our Dark Past

Pictured at WIT (Waterford Institute of Technology) at the submission of the Justice for Magdalenes (JFM) Archive to WIT were, from left: Kieran Cronin (WIT Developmental Librarian,) Dr Jennifer Yeager (Lecturer in Psychology, Principal Investigator of the Waterford Memories Project), Claire McGettrick (Co-founder JFM Research and Adoption Rights Alliance) and Dr Katherine O’Donnell (Justice for Magdalenes Research, UCD School of Philosophy). 		| Photo: Patrick Browne
“Ireland imprisoned or incarcerated one per cent of its population during the 20th Century,” UCD’s Katherine O’Connell told a slack jawed audience at WIT’s College Street Chapel on Friday last. “More than any other country in the last century. More than Soviet Russia.” Dr O’Connell was among the keynote speakers at the launch of the [...]

It’s Hard to Be a Man: Since When?

Feminist Germaine Greer, who has described the #MeToo campaign as "whingeing".
The #MeToo and #Time’s Up campaigns have shone a light on the alleged sexual misconduct of several major Hollywood personalities and if the past few months offer any indicator, further revelations appear inevitable – and more reputations will tumble. But the idea that it’s suddenly become hard to be a man appears a tad misplaced, and [...]