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Reawakened by our natural gems

We have an array of natural historic splendours within Waterford, such as Kilfarrasy Beach, near Tramore. We should value them more. 	| Photo: Noel Browne
recent Sunday morning in my lodgings. Gravity appears to be pressing my shoulder tips against the pillow ledge a little more heavily than usual. But as someone who’s never been too accustomed to lying in bed once light filters through a curtain gap – I’m fortunate that early starts have never been that great a [...]

To march or not to march?

Marching for a range of issues (such as better safety provision on the N24) may not be as effective as it ought to be, but we certainly shouldn't discard the practice.
t’s not that marches don’t work, I feel. It’s that they don’t work nearly enough. While they provide many of us with a means of expending frustration and, at times, anger, there have been few marches which have radically impacted upon the course of Irish history. I must admit I find it curious that the one [...]

Talking about homelessness can only help

The Apollo House campaign has got more of us talking about homelessness. And that's no bad thing.
A few weeks before Christmas, I met a man sat on his haunches on The Quay. In reasonable shape – about as reasonable as one could expect given his circumstances – he was begging but wasn’t vocally doing so. He had a paper cup extended outward in case anyone wanted to drop some change into [...]

High Hopes reign on Big Sleep Out

The Big Deise Sleep Out for Focus Ireland on Friday last was a night well spent.
“Lights will guide you home, And ignite your bones, And I will try to Fix You.” -The High Hopes Choir (Friday, December 9th, The Quay, 10.30pm) To hear someone openly talking about wanting to jump into the Suir a few hours previously, and then turning to the person she subsequently phoned who persuaded her to [...]

GAA President out of tune in anthem debate

Amhrán na bFhiann, I will readily admit, stirs something in me. And as someone who has had the privilege of singing our national anthem at several GAA matches of significance in Walsh Park and Fraher Field, it has taken on additional significance for me in recent years. Granted, the rush from offering pre-match opinion live [...]

An ill-fitting take on liberty

The championing of a military dictator shouldn’t rest well with those who advocate democracy on home shores.
Well, well, well, didn’t we all get a little knicker-knotted following the death of Fidel Castro? The commentaries about the former Cuban President have proven as varied as they’ve been plentiful, as newspaper editors dusted off long-since written obituaries and gave them a polish over the weekend when marking the death of Latin America’s most [...]

Challenges mount for the Government

It looks like the challenges are continuing to mount for the minority Government, with public sector unions toughening their approach following the deals brokered with the Gardaí and transport workers. We always felt that this centenary year would awaken some revolt and we are certainly seeing that in terms of industrial relations. Now the unions [...]

What a voice we have lost

The late Billy McCarthy commanded respect. His professionalism was equalled by his decency.
“The most essential thing for a leader to have is the respect of those under his or her supervision. It starts with giving them respect. You must make it clear that you are working together. Those under your supervision are not working for you but with you. Those under your supervision are not working for [...]

Why Little Things are worth pursuing

Robert Carley, pictured with Suicide Or Survive founder Caroline McGuigan, were among the captivating speakers at the 'Positive Mental Health and You' event held at the Crystal Leisure Centre on Tuesday last.	(See News 24 & 25 for more)	| Photo: John Power
Fear. It’s a word that thundered through Twitter, fanned through Facebook and cornered vast chunks of the post US presidential election narrative on Wednesday last. The previous night, another four letter word ran through my mind like Bison across a prairie, over and over, as I listened to a series of terrific speeches at the Crystal [...]

Progress or stagnation in the heart of our city…

The design for the Michael Street/Apple Market (bottom left) plan hasn't met with universal acclaim. Anyone suggesting we should just leave things as they are needs a reality check.
Waterford city is steeped in history. We’re fortunate that much of our built heritage remains intact, and I for one am grateful for that. But have there been missteps over the years when it comes to preserving some of that heritage? Absolutely. For example, the North Train Station, built in 1864, was a beautiful Victorian red brick [...]