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Why Little Things are worth pursuing

Robert Carley, pictured with Suicide Or Survive founder Caroline McGuigan, were among the captivating speakers at the 'Positive Mental Health and You' event held at the Crystal Leisure Centre on Tuesday last.	(See News 24 & 25 for more)	| Photo: John Power
Fear. It’s a word that thundered through Twitter, fanned through Facebook and cornered vast chunks of the post US presidential election narrative on Wednesday last. The previous night, another four letter word ran through my mind like Bison across a prairie, over and over, as I listened to a series of terrific speeches at the Crystal [...]

Progress or stagnation in the heart of our city…

The design for the Michael Street/Apple Market (bottom left) plan hasn't met with universal acclaim. Anyone suggesting we should just leave things as they are needs a reality check.
Waterford city is steeped in history. We’re fortunate that much of our built heritage remains intact, and I for one am grateful for that. But have there been missteps over the years when it comes to preserving some of that heritage? Absolutely. For example, the North Train Station, built in 1864, was a beautiful Victorian red brick [...]

Steps Worth Retracing

Ivy Cottage: where my paternal grandparents happily lived for several decades.
Thursday morning. The gurgling Clodagh is careering beneath King John’s Bridge in Curraghmore, flowing from Clonea, bound for Portlaw. The aged Norway Spruces, Japanese Larches, Beeches, Firs and Oaks, along with the mighty Sitka Spruce – once Ireland’s tallest tree – are motionless due to the day’s stunning stillness. The sun has broken through the clouds and [...]

Angels in Ardkeen

“Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.” – RJ Palacio Wednesday evening last turns to night at University Hospital Waterford. The nursing night shift crew are being briefed by their outgoing day colleagues on developments, both positive and negative, regarding [...]

The ‘Right To Die’ debate must be had

Dignity: the late Marie Fleming and her partner Tom Curran.
The helplessness has to be the worst thing. Sitting by a loved one’s bed, day in, day out, knowing that the person you’re caring for is terminally ill. Knowing that you can’t really do anything for them, other than being there. It’s terribly inadequate – nothing in comparison to what the ill person is enduring [...]

A first class service in a third world facility

The Sacred Heart Centre on Lady Lane: this great service deserves a much better facility.
ebruary 2005. The outskirts of Cape Town. A diminutive Loreto Sister from Mauritius is showing myself and a group from South Kilkenny around a home where children and adults with a range of physical and mental disabilities – as well as HIV/AIDS – are cared for. Mosquito nets are draped over the residents’ beds, and [...]

The Complexities of Remembering

The sun blazed over Owning on Wednesday morning last; the calm of the morning broken by the squawks of the crows flying overhead, and the yelps of children happily playing in the yard of the nearby Primary School. Visible from the beautiful South Kilkenny village, a dusting of snow sat atop the summit of Slievenamon, while [...]

Time for region to back Ireland’s Ancient East?

The Hook Lighthouse, which dates from the 12th Century, makes a good fit for Ireland's Ancient East.
“Dates give us authenticity, and authenticity will bring us visitors,” said Loftus Hall proprietor Aidan Quigley on Tuesday morning last, as the sun made a welcome appearance over the striking Hook Peninsula. He was speaking at the launch of the programme of events which will mark the Hall’s 666th anniversary, a figure, by the way, which [...]


Mary Butler's poll-topping win was, by any measure, a spectacular success for Fianna Fáil.  			| Photo: Noel Browne
f anyone saw last Saturday’s election count transpiring as it did, I wish I possessed similar clairvoyant powers! While the destination of the seats wasn’t altogether unsurprising, the manner in which two of our four TDs graduated to the 32nd Dáil was certainly a turn-up for the books. For poll topping Mary Butler, less than two years [...]


Social ills can be lessened by sound political leadership. This is not a country bereft of hope.
ow should you vote? Don’t look at me, folks. That’s not my job – at least that’s how I view conducting my brief in a responsible, even handed manner. After all, the people are sovereign. After all, I’m not standing for election. So I just don’t think it’s my business to tell you how to vote, [...]