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Dealing With Debt’s Fallout

Anna Galvin (MABS Board of Management) presenting Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty with a copy of Waterford MABS' Personal Insolvency Practitioner Research Report on Monday last, September 17th. 				| Photo: Noel Browne
There’s a box of tissues on every desk at the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) office at Maritana Gate. They’re not a cosmetic prop. The seat I recently sat in, opposite Anna Walsh (Money Advice Co-ordinator with Waterford MABS) has been occupied by hundreds of distraught men and women, wondering what sort of a [...]

The Enduring Legacy of a Great Irish Man

John Hume: "Inside," said his long-time SDLP colleague Seamus Mallon, "was a man who had something big to do."
John Hume has spent most of the past two months in hospital, his son John Jnr told the Saint Michael’s Theatre audience in New Ross on the opening night of the recently held Kennedy Summer School. “He has advanced stage dementia,” said John Jnr following a screening of Maurice Fitzpatrick’s compelling and meticulously researched [...]

Thoughts on a Tuesday

Jake is our 14-year-old Labrador and one of my Tuesday walking companions. He remains stunningly intact and eternally loyal.
Tuesday, September 4th, 12.30pm: I’ve just completed a 500-word prologue to a book which I hope a publisher might take a gamble on. It just so happens that this short piece has carried me over the 50,000-word mark for the would-be tome and that fills me with a sense of self-satisfaction. Working on this project [...]

“Occasions of Sin” in a Changed State

Ninety minutes in the company of Professor Diarmaid Ferriter at Waterford's Central Library proved time well spent
Professor Diarmaid Ferriter’s research into sexuality, as he informed the Central Library audience who attended his Heritage Week lecture, raised an interesting question: “Whether or not there was a distinct national sexual history or sexual story.” This issue has been raised by historians of differing nationalities, perhaps most prominently by French philosopher Michel Foucault (1926-84), [...]

Sex and the Irish: A Necessary Debate

Diarmaid Ferriter delivered a compelling address at Waterford’s Central Library on Wednesday last.
“To work on Irish social history over the last few decades has been to research during a time of extraordinary detailed revelations about a great range of suffering and the historian cannot stand completely outside of the environment in which they exist. But there is still an onus on us to remind of the need [...]

A Wondrous Word Weaver

Sebastian Barry: “We’ve a tradition of writing that rivals the goddamn Greeks.”
“Don’t tell me a Irish is an example of civilised humanity. He may be the devil in the clothes of an angel but either way you’re talking to two when you talk to one Irishman. He can’t help you enough and he can’t double-cross you enough either…they have an awful fire burning inside them, like [...]

Little Red Kettle Marvels Enchant the Royal

Iarla Hennessy was a forceful, combative presence as Lusmore in Little Red Kettle's 2018 production, which ran at the Theatre Royal last week. 	| Photo: Mick Wall
“What is it about stories…they exist because we tell them…” Ben Quinlan made for home in the dusk of a Wednesday night to warm goodbyes from the young cast Ben Hennessy and he have put through their paces these past six weeks. The co-director of Little Red Kettle’s (LRK) summer production, ‘Lusmore, Lily, Doire & The Ollpheista’ [...]

Cheapening of Life Must be Reversed

Weapon-wielding Gardaí on every street corner may not be the cure to solve our anti-social/criminality ills, but there's no denying we need more officers nationwide.  								| Photo: Noel Browne
The buzzing of the school intercom represented, in general, a welcome intervention during my days in Carrick-on-Suir CBS (1992-98). It signalled a brief hiatus from Pythagoras, a fleeting moratorium from the Módh Coinníollach or a time-out from Trigonometry (no Maths fan was I). But such class interruptions didn’t always catalyse boisterousness bordering on anarchy amongst the spot-dotted, [...]

An Edwardian Take on the South-East

A section of the splendid fold-out map which features in Cornelius P Redmond’s book, ‘Beauty Spots in the South East of Ireland and how to see them by Car or Cycle’, which was published in 1901.
The gift which inspired both this and last week’s column, a first edition which was printed just yards from this newspaper’s office on O’Connell Street almost 120 years ago, is a true Waterford treasure. To be in ownership of the lengthily titled ‘Beauty Spots In The South East of Ireland and how to see them by [...]

A Travel Guide From a Past Era

To receive a travel book devoted to the South East dating from 1901 was a real treat.
“Tramore. Oh! Glorious Tramore for its bracing air, its quiet and its grand, grand sea. What more charming music than the murmuring waves, ebbing to and fro or its loud roll with a southerly breeze! Grand! Glorious! Whoever wants quiet or prefer to ‘flee from the madding crowd’ or the overworked brain go to Tramore. [...]