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No jobs and no hope means it’s time to leave home

Around the world, the Irish are known for many things. Of late we’re known for the dire state of our economy, something we never wished to be associated with. Everywhere you look, the effect of the current recession is imminent.

Gardaí stand between us and criminal classes

I must admit to my abhorrence at the recent charging of members of Waterford Gardaí when carrying out their lawful duties in tackling a man who urinated in public.

St Patrick’s hospital

The rehab unit of St Patrick’s Hospital has been without a speech therapist since early April, when the hospital’s speech therapist left. She has yet to be replaced.

Tramore and Dunmore should align with City

I was pleased to read in The Munster Express that along with the prospect of local authorities merging that there is also talk of Waterford City assimilating Tramore and Dunmore East from a boundary perspective.

Mendelssohn’s “Elijah”

Dear Editor, It was recently my great privilege and honour to conduct a performance of Mendelssohn’s “Elijah” in the Good Shepherd Church (WIT). This was a joint venture between my own choir, the Oldham Choral Society, (based near Manchester), and the  Wexford Sinfonia. The following morning we were very kindly allowed the opportunity by Canon Slattery [...]

A letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

I have put off writing this letter to you a thousand times, trying to forget about the entire issue.

Green grass or baize, Alan was a class act

I enjoyed reading Matt Keane’s fitting tribute to Alan Barry (pictured), a great Waterfordian.

Carrick site purchase is of public concern

I refer to the detailed article which appeared in last week’s edition with regard to the proposed Carrick-on-Suir bypass, and the one point within it that proved of particular concern.

Minister has power to right hospital wrong

The Waterford Council of Trade Unions, which is a constituent part of the Friends of the Elderly action group, has been endeavoring to keep the issue of the closure of St Brigid’s Ward and its 26 highly-dependent beds – and the previous Minister of Health’s neglect of the HSE plan that prioritised St Patrick’s Hospital for a new 50-bed Nursing Unit – in the public eye.

Another blow to Crystal pensioners

At a time when the State is bordering on insolvency itself, it continues to pay exorbitant wages and pensions (sometimes in excess of what they earned at work) to an elite body of public servants who feathered their own nest through the excesses of the last government.