1848 Tricolour Celebration to meet 3000th school pupil

Actor Liam Rellis as Thomas Francis Meagher at Glor Na Mara NS, Tramore.

Actor Liam Rellis as Thomas Francis Meagher at Glor Na Mara NS, Tramore.

Over the last three years a voluntary educational programme has been undertaken by the organising committee of the 1848 Tricolour Celebration to make a concerted effort to visit as many schools as possible.

The aim? To inform pupils of the connection between Thomas Francis Meagher and the first ever flying of the Irish flag at 33 The Mall on March 7th 1848, in Waterford City.

In the last three years over 3000 school children have now heard the story of Thomas Francis Meagher and his “creation” of the Irish Tricolour. A flag that is now so instantly recognisable around the world as a symbol and representation of Ireland.

Committee Education Co-ordinator Paul Dower commented, “This year we took actor Liam Rellis, dressed in period Thomas Francis Meagher costume, to eight schools across the County and South Kilkenny. We almost certainly spoke to our 3000 child during those eight visits.”

Paul added: “The whole idea of the school visits is to educate the children around the peaceful meaning of the Tricolour and how this message of peace is just as important today as it was way back in 1848.

“Using local history as a way to help children and young adults understand the meaning of the flag is always great fun and is an integral part of the 1848 Tricolour Celebration. It helps to inspire a pride for Waterford and indeed the true meaning of the flag which is one of peace. This in turn promotes good citizenship and understanding.”

It is hoped that over the next number of years this the education arm of the celebration will expand and become a significant part of the build-up to the future weekend events.

The Tricolour Celebration takes place over the weekend of March 6th to 8th with the actual flag raising ceremony taking place on The Mall on Sunday, March 8th at 2:50pm.

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