Water tower proposed at Coxtown

Waterford Co Council are proposing to build a reservoir at Coxtown which will comprise a pumping station and tower storage facility. The storage will be provided through the construction of a 400,000 gallons ground level reservoir and a 100,000 gallons water tower. The water tower will stand 23.3m or 76 feet above ground level.

The Council have applied for planning permission and invite submissions and observations from interested parties. Following the public consultation period, the manager shall submit a written report to the members of the local authority for consideration.

Dunmore East is currently supplied from the Sporthouse reservoir near Tramore but in the future the Sporthouse reservoir, in the long term, will only be able to supply the water demands of Tramore High Level area. Therefore, Dunmore East will have to rely on a bulk water feed from an alternative East Waterford Water Supply Scheme reservoir. It is now proposed to change the source reservoir from the Sporthouse reservoir to the Ballydrislane reservoir outside Tramore.

The coastal trunk main supplies water direct to group water supply schemes and individual properties along its route, to high-level properties between Portally Cross and Dunmore East and to the Coxtown East reservoir.

Thus, when the “source” of the supply is changed over from the Sporthouse to the Ballydrislane reservoir, two problems will occur.

• The design demand for the Coxtown reservoir (Dunmore East) will not be able to gravitate into that reservoir due to the change in the supply level at the Tramore end.

• Properties on the high ground in the Portally Cross / Coxtown area will experience a severe reduction in service leading to a loss of supply in some of the higher properties. Therefore, booster pumping in the trunk main will be required to provide an increase in hydraulic level to overcome the maximum crown level referred to above and to deliver the design demand to Coxtown reservoir (Dunmore East).

It is also proposed to construct a Booster Pumping Station at Corbally Beg near Ballymacaw to increase pressure in the trunk main following this change.

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