Social Housing Boost for Carrickpherish

Dermot Keyes

The allocation of €5.62 million from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government for the construction of 31 social housing units at Carrickpherish has been widely welcomed.
Under the terms agreed, Frisby Construction will use their own land, which already has planning permission to construct thirty-one A Rated units. Ground works are expected to begin at Gibbet Hill in the coming month.
The news has been welcomed by Deputy Mayor John Cummins (FG) and Minister of State John Halligan (IA), who made the announcement last week.N7S1Pic2
“As with elsewhere in the country, the construction of local authority housing has been virtually stagnant since the recession struck, while the numbers seeking social housing has spiralled and families are spending longer than ever before on waiting lists,” said the Minister.
“I am delighted to see the construction of local authority homes back on the agenda and that Waterford has been allocated €5,620,757 in Capital funding for this development. There is a serious challenge facing the Government in meeting the critically high level of social housing needs but this new development at Gracedieu is an excellent step in the right direction.~2
According to Cllr Cummins, who worked closely with Waterford Council Housing officials, the Department of Housing and Frisby Construction: “I’m delighted to have been involved in this project which will deliver thirty-one much needed social housing units in Waterford City. This is a turnkey development which means the developer will deliver 31 fully fitted units to the Council.”
The development comprises of 18 three-bed houses and two, two storey apartment blocks. Block one will contain six; two bed apartments, while block two will contain five; two bed apartments and two; one bed apartments. The development will have an open green area fronting on to the Carrickpherish road.

Drawings for  the new social housing project set for Carrickpherish

Drawings for the new social housing project set for Carrickpherish

Said Cllr Cummins added: “Some people say that private developers are not the solution to the housing crises and that construction should be done by local councils themselves. I believe this is a flawed argument; developers have the land, staff and resources to increase the supply of social housing quicker than Local Authorities and this model should be replicated nationwide. It is fantastic to see a local building company, with local staff winning the tender for this project and I know they are fully committed to delivering this scheme by next summer which is very ambitious…
“I look forward to the delivery of these high quality housing units which will assist us in our continuing battle to lower our housing waiting list. I am also engaging with the Waterford Council Housing Department and Government in relation to a number of other turnkey projects which will hopefully pass appraisal stage in due course.”

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