Club Muzic Workshops

The summer workshops consisted of violins, drummers, guitarists, keyboard players and vocalists.

Pupils were formed in small workshops and then together to make an electric orchestra. Ages 9 to 15 years.

A fun packed week with a performance on Friday for friends and families.

This is year two of summer workshops in the Club which are proving to be very successful.

We owe most of our thanks to Margaret Organ, W.C.C. Arts Officer. They fund the workshops and much more helping with equipment, drama and many other projects within the Club.

We would not be able to run many of our projects without the help of Margaret and the arts who has supported us for many years.

It is important that parents are aware of the help we receive and hopefully government will see just how important it is to keep funding small clubs like ourselves who would find it extremely difficult to manage without support from Margaret and the Arts Department. Cutting Arts funding would be disastrous.

Well done again all the pupils who attended the workshop and played amazingly and to the tutors who worked with the group for the week.

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