T3 to premiere groundbreaking film in Tramore

It’s quite rare that the beautiful, and sometimes life-changing, world of cinema arrives on the shores of Tramore. One of those rarities will present itself courtesy of those good folks in Transition Town Tramore (T3) very soon. So what’s the lowdown? Well, it’s totally free to start. That’s right – no dosh required. At 8pm on Thursday, 11th of March, at O’ Shea’s Hotel, Tramore, T3 will screen the groundbreaking The Age of Stupid starring the renowned Pete Postlethwaite (In the Name of the Father, Usual Suspects).

Pete has described the film as “refreshing and startling”. In addition he stated, “I think there will be more people coming out of that film who will go ‘man oh man, that was really moving, exciting, what do we do?’ And that’s the kind of feeling we want to get out of it and I think the majority of people will think that.”

It is very possible that this is one of those films that your kids will be glad you took the time to see and absorb. It may well be seen by some as a gift from the future. The film was originally released last year to great critical acclaim. Set in the year 2055, The Age of Stupid looks back to the present day. In it, the Oscar-nominated actor stars as a future survivor of the 21st century’s climate apocalypse, who looks back on the present through documentary footage and asks why humanity failed to save itself from a predictable catastrophe.

There is a powerful concept called intergenerational equity, a bit of a mouthful, you may think. It simply means that future generations (i.e our children and grandchildren) should have equal right and access to the conditions which we currently enjoy. Climate change could seriously deny them that access. Do them proud and come and see this excellent premiere.

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