Tramore Landmark to Receive Makeover

Eoghan Dalton Reports

Waterford City & County Council has announced it is to address the dereliction problems at the Old Railway Station in Tramore. Work is to start in the coming weeks, with an initial €100,000 being budgeted to fund the contract.The news has been warmly welcomed by Cllr Joe Conway (Ind), who said: “This architectural jewel has fallen into a sad condition over the last while. Its signal and prominent position at the very focal entry point to the town would demand that it should be shown off proudly to all who visit the town. “Yet it has been neglected by its owners – Waterford City and County Council – and has been allowed to fall into abject disrepair and dereliction.“Accordingly, I am gratified that at length note has been taken of demands to address this failing.”
He continued, saying that the town is faced by a “dereliction tsunami”, with a number of former hotels and school buildings all gathering dust and becoming the target for vandals.
“It holes the Council’s credibility below the water-line if it begins to go after the derelictions of others while being simultaneously responsible itself for the more glaring outrages. It is akin to the perception of the mote in thine brother’s eye, while dismissing the beam in one’s own,” he said. “Positively, I look forward to this work on our unique Station. I hope that further investment will be forthcoming to fit out the building to have it viable as a comely and commercial asset for the people of Tramore and Waterford.”

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