Tramore town plan sparks great interest

THE new Tramore traffic plan for Main Street and adjacent areas has triggered a wave of interest from business owners and the general public.
Waterford City & County Council were out in the area last Wednesday presenting the drawings and the ambition for the growing resort town.

An image of the newly envisaged Tramore town centre.

An image of the newly envisaged Tramore town centre.

Tramore now has a population of 10,000 and needs a focal point in the town centre.
Cllr. Eamon Quinlan said having a special marbleised area could give it such a focus.
Traders were concerned at having the area fully pedestrianised but would welcome some change as long as parking spaces were not lost or access to premises affected.

There was a general consensus to take on board some of the changes and meet again in February.
The council admitted that they do not have a budget for this currently but if they have community and business support and go for planning the likelihood, once approval is forthcoming is that the project could get the go ahead in a coming year.
Some traders question whether visitors would bother come up town at all, traffic changes may be off-putting was a view.

Residents on the other hand would also like to see some improvements and if more attractive, it might become more a social meeting place at the cross area in the warmer months, if one could sit outside and relax with better street furniture and amenities.

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