Waterford Owed Almost €1.2m in “Emma” funding

Eoghan Dalton Reports

Waterford is still owed €1.155 million from the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government over damage caused by Storm Emma earlier this year.
It was revealed at last Thursday’s meeting of the City and County Council in Dungarvan that the money had been refused because it had not been deemed eligible under the parameters of the scheme.
The Council submitted a request for €532,009 after the Beast from the East wreaked havoc across Waterford in March. This money was granted by the Department, however it is specifically for recouping the costs related to the immediate clean-up following the storm.

Damage Caused by Storm Callum in the Prom, Tramore

Damage Caused by Storm Callum in the Prom, Tramore

The €1.55 million was sought for infrastructural damage caused during the storm. Cllr Davy Daniels (Ind) said the Department Minister, Eoghan Murphy (FG) had guaranteed funding for local authorities following the heavy weather that hit the country over the past 12 months. “That’s serious money that has been refused by the department… I don’t want to be negative, we’ve been kicked around on a lot of issues lately… They said we’re not eligible for the funding, now that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever,” said Cllr Daniels. “We’d be looking to put in a lot footpaths for that,” he added.

Director of Services Fergus Galvin told Councillors that the local authority is has gone back to the Department “for another go” and is currently in discussion for the capital works relating to long-term damage. He felt “very positive that we’d get a reasonable and satisfactory outcome of that in the next week or so”. “I’m getting very positive indications from them they will fund very substantial proportions of that, if not all of that,” he later said. Cllr Daniels noted that a revised claim for an additional €94,000 related to clean-up works was also refused by the Department, however Mr Galvin said that had been paid out by the time last Thursday’s meeting had got underway.

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