Bishop: voters must consider the voiceless

“I encourage people to ask candidates in the election where they stand on the 8th Amendment which guarantees the equal protection of mother and child. Do we believe in life equality?” That question was posed by Bishop of Waterford and Lismore Alphonsus Cullinan in a brief Election 2016 message contained in parish newsletters over the past weekend, ahead of Friday’s vote.
Bishop Cullinan asked voters “not to forget those who have no voice and who depend on others to speak for them”, and listed a range of concerns, namely: unemployment, rural crime, healthcare, lack of housing, high rents, security, homelessness and the household charges.
On the 8th Amendment question he added: “Please use your vote to protect the most defenceless of human beings – the baby in the womb, no matter what his or her circumstances are, and that every care must also be given to the mother as happens under current medical practice. This is a crucial issue for our country.”
Bishop Cullinan also stated that more ought to be done to help those “being persecuted in Syria, Iraq and other countries and all who have been forced from their homes”. He concluded: “Surely the value of every human person, whether born and unborn, is key to any decent future and a good society cares for those who have fallen on hard times.”

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