Photographer Barry Delaney at Lismore Gallery

Barry-Delaney-Piet-SluisaDublin born photographer Barry Delaney exhibition’s Irish Life Today at the Lismore Gallery & Photographic Studio is an inspiration to anyone who enjoys portraiture. In this collection of images, both colour and black and white, digital and analogue, the photographer has recorded his daily activities by photographing whom he’s interacted with and whom he has observed. He describes himself as a street photographer who captures urban Irish life as it happens and by doing so in his portraits, he creates a visual photographic dialogue between subject and artist. Barry Delaney consciously looks for the unique found in the ordinary; he is looking for that individual that is real and alive.

When viewing Barry Delaney’s portraits, the viewer cannot help but experience a feeling of solitude. Many of his images feel as though the viewer is reading a private thought of the subjects. Photography, like most other art forms, is an extension of an individual expressing their understanding and connection with life. It is an understanding of themselves and of others. Barry Delaney is trying to get something out on film and paper. Something that he is experiencing, going through. He is not just simply photographing Irish life. He is telling a story about himself.

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