Bubble Soccer Waterford

BubbleSoccerBubble soccer, originally developed in the US, has recently made its way to Waterford, thanks to local businessmen Emmett Cooke (a local composer and sports enthusiast) and Fintan Scanlon (a violin teacher and choral conductor).

This latest sports craze, that is sweeping through Europe, requires players to wear a giant plastic bubble and attempt to play football. Bubble soccer is similar to football, but players are allowed to run into and bounce off their opponents, resulting in people literally flying in every direction on the pitch. It can be played indoors or outdoors on astroturf or any open grassy field and makes for a fun and unique game every time.

Bubble Soccer Waterford offers a wide range of packages, from 5-a-side football and mini-games to corporate events, team building activities and stag parties. See www.bubblesoccerwaterford.com for more information.

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