Tramore Promenade Festival: Dear Festival Goer…

Pictured at the launch of the Promenade Festival.

Pictured at the launch of the Promenade Festival.

Welcome to the first ever Promenade Festival brought to you by Tramore Tourism in association with The Art Hand. We have put together a huge variety of exciting attractions and plenty of surprises along the way. We have two World Champion Sand Artists who have travelled to us from Europe. We have dozens of Irish and International Performers and Musicians, there’s a Regatta, lots of interesting Stalls along the Prom and exciting displays by the Emergency Services. It’s a Family Friendly Festival and we have worked hard to keep all the events free. Buying a bottle of Promenade Lemonade will help us cover the costs and it’s refreshing too!

The main outdoor experience will be based along the Promenade & Beach with a string of events taking place throughout the town. In the car park behind the Beach World shop take part in the Contemporary Art Wall that is being created. Follow the Red Dots on the Map along the sea front road to the pedestrian system that will be in operation along Strand Street as far as the Vee Bistro at the heart of the old town. There will be lots of things taking place up along here. Watch out for the Free Festival Wifi Hotspots around the town.

The main activities take place between 2pm and 6pm on the Saturday and Sunday but please come along early to get a parking place and avail of the many special offers in the restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops. There will be lots more things to see after the show too, have your supper on the strand and join The Artists Club! All will be revealed!
This year we are paying a special tribute to four members of the emergency services who died tragically here 15 years ago in a helicopter crash. We have chosen a loose theme of SOS for this year’s festival as a way of connecting the Emergency Services with the Art. So for example the sand artists might make an SOS symbol in the sand using their rakes. But we’ll all just have to wait and see what they decide to create!

We’ve set ourselves an ambitious task made possible by the huge support we have had from Tramore Tourism members, the local business community, residents of Tramore and the new Waterford Council. We would also like to thank the Artists, Musicians and Performers who are making huge contributions. Thank you all so much.

Enjoy the show and we look forward to welcoming you to Tramore again sometime soon.

(The Promenade Festival Team)

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