Moe Lights Up Berlin!

'Patrick's Day' star Moe Dunford, pictured with photographer and correspondent Dan McGrath. 							| Photo: Editorial Images

'Patrick's Day' star Moe Dunford, pictured with photographer and correspondent Dan McGrath. | Photo: Editorial Images

Dungarvan actor’s star firmly in the ascendant

Exclusive: Dan McGrath in Berlin

Many of us are intrigued with red carpets event. Just look at the hours many of us spend glued to TV sets, to watch prestigious events such as the Oscars.

Last Monday (February 9th) in Berlin, one of our own, Moe Dunford, was on the famous red carpet in front of the world media at the Berlin International Film Festival, where he received his European Rising Star Award.

He was one of the 10 most promising young actors from across Europe who were selected by a jury of industry specialists.

The up and coming stars arrived in Berlin the previous Saturday and attended receptions, meet with directors and the international media. The festival attracts 30,000 visitors who work directly in the film industry.

It brought to an end a hectic for the Dungarvan man, which also included a premiere of ‘Patrick’s Day’ at Dungarvan’s SGC, a red carpet event at Dublin’s Light House Cinema, an appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’ and then his trip to ‘Berlinale 2015′.

Speaking to The Munster Express, the only Irish publication to secure an interview at the International Media presentation in the Audi Lounge at the Berlinale, Moe said it “was actually pretty emotional and I’d didn’t realize till I got here, out of Ireland, the movie means so much to everyone.

“To be over in Berlin, it’s brilliant, is a huge honour, on the back of ‘Patrick’s Day’ representing Ireland and all the people that came before me, great names like Domhnall Gleeson, actors who I admire”.

He went on to speak about the opportunity the Film Festival offered to him and the other actors.
“We are all enjoying ourselves, making the most of it.” Speaking about his journey to the red carpet, “it’s been a hell of a journey, in and out of work”.

He added: “Like most actors, we are always looking for that opportunity and it came about with ‘Patrick’s Day’, Terry(McMahon) has opened doors for me, he has changed a lot of things for me, the ‘Patrick’s Day’ experience has changed a lot of things, come over here to accept this award and I’ve been working steadily since”.

He went on to say that “it’s important that actors stick with it, the person that you want to be working with is just waiting to be worked with”.

His advice to young actors is treat everyone equally, important to treat yourself equally”. he stressed the importance of standing up for themselves and “learn from the people you respect”.

Moe’s mother Moira, aunt Anne and uncle Eamon were at the Berlinale Palast to see the actor receive his award from Oscar winner Natalie Portman.

Moe was described by Swedish actress Eva Rose who read out his citation as “a modern day Hollywood hero” and the PR people we spoke to were of the opinion that he was the best received of all the actors which won awards.

The Dungarvan actor was due home on Tuesday but was diverted to London for a meeting about an upcoming role. Let’s home his rise will continue and we’ll be reporting on the Oscars in the not too distant future!

The annual European Shooting Star showcase at the Berlin International Film Festival, which culminated in the Awards ceremony, allows the young actors to forge important relationships with industry professionals as well as the world’s media, through press ‘junkets’, workshops and meetings, as they embark on their journey towards international success.

Next up for the Dungarvan man is his return to the fourth season of ‘Vikings’. There’s also a new movie in the pipeline with Terry McMahon and a movie in conjuction with the Irish Film Board is also on the horizon. Busy times indeed for Moe Dunford, but he’s thriving on it!

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