God Bless the Child

e5s4-pic-1-editGarter Lane Theatre presents God Bless the Child, a new play based on stories by Frank O’Connor, adapted for the stage and directed by Patrick Talbot, on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th March.

The short stories of Cork-born Frank O Connor are universally regarded as being classics of their kind. Now, for the first time, three of those funniest stories: My Oedipus Complex, The Genius and First Confession are brought together within a single full-length play, which will provide a hugely entertaining and uplifting night of theatre.

The show tells the story of young Michael, who goes into mortal combat with his father when he returns from the First World War; Larry, a genius who can’t understand why the world can’t keep up with him; and Jackie, who has the grim task of not only making his first confession and communion, but must also deal with his very obstreperous grandmother.

Richly evocative of Ireland in the early decades of the 20th Century, funny and moving, and featuring memorable performances, God Bless The Child will be a must see.

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