Little Red Kettle Present Time Quest

“If time travel is possible – where are the tourists of the future?” – Stephen Hawking

The Little Red Kettle Summer Play cast are delighted to be performing this year’s production of Time Quest where some will travel back in time and meet a very young Stephen Hawking, one of the many characters that will grace the stage of the legendary Theatre Royal. Rehearsals are heating up before next week’s performances and with the cast of 51 local young actors aged between 10 and 13, they are getting ready to wow local audiences with this time travel extravaganza that will have your head whirring.

Rehearsals are in full swing and there is a sense of eager anticipation and excitement of the pending performances on the big stage in the Theatre Royal. Ben Hennessy who is the writer and director of the play says “On any given day in Little Red Kettle, you have to expect the unexpected. We have a fantastic cast and production team behind this, it’s going to be a corker of a play… Wandering Mongolians, Joan of Arc, exploding hats, spear fighting, line learning; nail biting action and a glass hen – one hour in a day of rehearsals!!”

Time Quest, which is set in the past, present and future in Waterford, France, Italy, Mongolia and Ancient Egypt, will stretch the imaginations and acting talents of the young performers. As well as learning archery, chemistry and ninja moves, some of the cast members will be coached to speak French, Italian, German and Polish as part of their performances.

Time travel in present day, whereby a group of youngsters meet Cleopatra at 11, Leonardo Da Vinci at 10, Einstein as a boy genius and many more incredible figures from history – past and present collide, changing the course of history. Can a visit to the future and the Waterford University show them a way back?! This thrilling, funny and mind boggling play will explode onto the Theatre Royal this summer and is not to be missed.

Theatre Royal from August 6th to August 9th at 7.30pm. Tickets €16 / €14 concession. Preview €10.

Book now at and on 051-874402.

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