Lukewarm reception to Redwater finale

Kat and Alfie: Redwater Ep 1The finale of the Irish television series, ‘Redwater’, which was filmed in Dunmore East last summer, received a lukewarm reaction from viewers on last Sunday night with many saying the series did not live up to their expectations.
The highly anticipated series which tells the story of ‘EastEnders’ characters Kat and Alfie searching for Kat’s long lost son in Ireland, first aired back in May.
Dunmore East featured heavily in the programme and local businesses were hugely optimistic that the show would put the village firmly on the tourism map.
However, whilst local bars, restaurants and hotels have reported an increase in business, the show failed to receive the thumbs up from viewers with ratings plummeting from four million to two million as the series progressed.
Starring Fionnuala Flanagan, Ian McElhinney, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Emily O’Toole Acheampong, Stephen Hogan and Peter Campion, the series was slated on social media in recent weeks for its implausible storyline and no plans have been confirmed for a second series.
“I would have less questions to be answered if I never tuned in to the finale. Eh what just happened?” asked one Twitter user while another one said, “Eh what was that last episode..?”
“Worse than Fair City,” “Well that’s six hours of my life I’ll never get back.”
The series creator Dominic Treadwell Collins had previously spoken about the potential for multiple series but a spokesperson for the BBC said this week no decision had been made.

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