SEÓ is a newly created celebration of traditional Irish music and dance inspired by the maritime and musical influences of Waterford and the southeast region and produced by the Lismore Music Festival.

The new Seó at the Theatre Royal begins at 6pm every Thursday in The Reg with refreshments and the historical background to the city followed by a tour to the theatre to see Seó on stage.

“Seò has been created by a group of incredibly talented and experienced traditional musicians and dancers from the South East and Munster and is a melting pot of traditional music and dance with contemporary influences”, explained Jennifer O’Connell, Seó Producer. “We have drawn on centuries of maritime songs and local music as well as traditional dances and steps indigenous to this part of Ireland to create something new but traditional. We believe ‘Seò’ will appeal to a traditional Irish audience who will experience traditional in a new way and to tourists who may be experiencing Irish traditional music and dance for the first time.”

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