Out of the Studios

Work by Julie Dowling

Work by Julie Dowling

Out of the Studios is an exhibition of new work by the current Garter Lane Studio Artists featuring Mailo Power, Denise McAuliffe, Sharon Fleming, Marcella Meagher, Marijana Shostak and Julie Dowling.

The exhibition presents a range of art forms and media illustrating the diversity of each artist in the group. Born in London, Mailo is based in Waterford where both sides of the family have strong links. The core of her practice is identity, compelled by a desire to gain insight into the culture that has formed her as an Irish citizen and as an artist. Mailo’s current work is inspired by Mount Congreve. Sharon is a Waterford-based Ceramic Artist. Using mainly porcelain, her work is characterised by simple forms imprinted with delicate images and markings. For Marjiana, the beauty of Batik lies in its unpredictable nature. The combination of waxes, dyes and fabric textures create a vast range of stunning effects.

Studio artist Marcella explains, “ My art is always with me, as a visual person I see art in everything around me, I love colour and texture, light is so amazing, the constant movement of the sky is my love, watching the sun rise and set and how the clouds move, layer upon layer over each other, it’s beautiful.” Denise’s work is about exploring the intrinsic nature of existentialism and the phenomenology in perception, through painting. Her palate is a combination of household paint, acrylic and oils. In Julies art practice she has created ‘Live Art’ work and has also worked on projects involving reminiscence and memories with film and holograms. She explains, “Throughout my work I have concentrated on life drawing and painting, the human body has always fascinated me.”

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