Prospects Looking Good at Garter Lane

Garter Lane is set to host the city’s theatre event of the year from November 13th to the 17th. Directed by Jim Nolan, ‘Mount Prospect’ stars a host of Waterford’s top acting talent including Lorraine Murphy, Kieran Walsh, Ema Lemon, Alan Fitzgerald, Gerry Kane, Clare Smith, Hugo O’Donovan, Karina Thompson, Nicola Spendlove, Margaret Torrie, Laura Broderick and Megan Kelly.
Bridgetown is a provincial town in Ireland in the Spring of 1936. In the drawing-room of their home, Mount Prospect, Bridget Ellen Kennefick and her three children gather for the reading of her husband’s Will.
With the house and estate bequeathed in equal but conditional measure to all four, the Will sets in motion a chain of events which unravels the frayed threads that bind the family. A year on, with her sons in conflict and her daughter yearning to make a life of her own, Mrs. Kennefick determines to maintain her family’s place in the social order of the town – at any cost.
Although born in Cork, Una Troy spent much of her life in Bonmahon. She began her writing career under the name of Elizabeth Connor, and her novels from this period are ‘Mount Prospect’ (1936) which was banned in Ireland and ‘Dead Star’s Light’ (Methuen, 1938). In 1940 she adapted ‘Mount Prospect’ for the stage, winning the Shaw Prize from the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, where it was successfully produced. She continued to write for the Abbey Theatre, producing three more plays: ‘Swans and Geese’ (1941), ‘Apple A Day’ (1942), and ‘Dark Road’ (1947).
Her novel ‘We Are Seven’ was adapted as the film ‘She Didn’t Say No’ and premiered in 1958.

The film, with Waterford’s Anna Manahan in the leading role was England’s official entry in the Brussels World Film Festival and was banned in Ireland. Beginning in the mid-50s, she published all her work as Una Troy, producing 15 novels, published in both London and America.Speaking about Mount Prospect, Director Jim Nolan said that it was a pleasure to bring Una Troy’s work back on to the stage.“Living in nearby Kilmacthomas, I visit Bonmahon often and in recent months have had the pleasure of speaking to local people and to members of Una’s family who remember her with affection and with justifiable pride in her achievements,” said Jim. “Mount Prospect is a hugely courageous piece of writing and Troy is fearless in her depiction of Mrs. Kennefick’s cruelty and by extension of the brutal hypocrisies which lurked beneath the respectable veneer of 1930’s Ireland.” And we’ll have more on ‘Mount Prospect’ in future editions.

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