Rose Café: a blooming Mooncoin success

Boom or no boom, we Irish have always given into our fondness for all things sweet and caffeinated, a love that has seen forgotten buildings revitalized into lovingly run hideaways from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is in this vein that Mooncoin’s newest and only vintage-chic coffee shop, Rose Café, operates.

“I have a love for baking that stretches back to my days in Home Economics,” begins Veronica Taglienti, proprietor of Rose Cafe. “There’s never been a point where I haven’t been baking – whenever there was a family get-together I’d always be the one to bring the cakes.”

Using her home-based baking business as a platform from which to build, Veronica, originally from Clonmel, opened the doors of Rose Cafe on August 6th, a move she says has been on her wish list for years.

While Mooncoin’s recent roadworks have played a part in hampering business, Veronica is confident that a bright future lies ahead: “As we speak the council are removing the traffic cones so Mooncoin will be road work free by the end of November. But most of it is finished”

As for the menu, expect everything on offer to be fresh, local and traceable. “Everything we serve are baked and prepared in store,” says Veronica. “Every ingredient is sourced locally – from our Country Style meats to our free range eggs.” Afternoon Tea will also be served soon.

But there’s far more to the café than just coffee, cakes and vintage chic – the menu also boasts some firm lunchtime favourites, including ciabattas, paninis, wraps, sandwiches, salads and an all day breakfast.

While the all day breakfast is the coffee shop’s best seller, it’s far from a personal favourite. Joking that her friends have recently coined her Veronica Brownie, you can decide for yourself what the café’s tastiest treat really is.

Although there are three other people now on the roster, Veronica still finds herself doing all the baking herself, admitting that “despite that hard work it’s a great feeling to wake up early every morning knowing that you’re doing something you love.”

Planning to grow her business in the spring with the addition of a garden and outdoor seating area, Rose Café has ambitions to become a firm favourite among locals and Waterfordians alike.

For those who’d like to pop into Rose Café, it’s open from Monday-Saturday 9-5.Too busy? For those who’d like a taste of the cafe’s produce and are a little pressed for time, Veronica’s now famous apple tarts and brownies can be purchased at Croke’s Shop, Mooncoin, and Larder on The Quay, Waterford City.

For more information call Veronica on 051-896409, like the café’s Facebook page, or follow its instagram account, rose_cafe1.

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