The Shakespeare Talk DEMYSTIFYING Hamlet

To “Demystify Hamlet” is the challenge of this year’s Shakespeare talk on Hamlet: to explain in layman’s terms the world of William Shakespeare’s tragedies and their supreme relevance for us today. This public talk takes place in the Crystal Sports Centre on Saturday, 30 November, at 2 p.m. Admission is free and all are welcome.
The guest speaker is Dr Jenny Farrell, author of “Fear Not Shakespeare’s Tragedies”. Jenny will focus specifically on Hamlet in order to tease out what lies at the centre of this and the other Shakespearean tragedies. She will also look at some of Shakespeare’s tricks of the dramatic trade. The event will consist of a one-hour talk followed by a question and answer session.
So, if you want to know whether Hamlet is mad or bad, then the Crystal Sports Centre is the place to be.
For further Information: Noel Murphy 0860516421
Jenny Farrell: 087-7834213, 091-792297.

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