‘Two Pints’ set for Downes’s

By Courtney Oliver

The Abbey Theatre’s tour of Roddy Doyle’s ‘Two Pints’ will be stopping off to perform in Waterford at Downes’s Pub on Thomas Street this Thursday, July 13th.
Directed by Caitriona McLaughlin, the national tour kicked off in Kilkenny at The Village Inn, and will also include a performance in New Ross at Mannions Pub on Friday, July 14th. The play will continue to tour to 22 pubs in 16 counties over the summer.
The inspiration for the show began as a Facebook conversation, which inspired Roddy Doyle to bring the characters to life through ‘Two Pints’.
The show stars Liam Carney and Lorcan Cranitch as two men who meet for a pint, which leads them to various topics of conversation from Nigella, North Korea and the afterlife.
Said Abbey Theatre Directors Graham McLaren and Neil Murray: “We want the Abbey Theatre, our national theatre, and its audience to be reflective of Ireland. To us, this means presenting work all over Ireland, and not necessarily in conventional spaces. Roddy’s funny, touching and provocative ‘Two Pints’ seemed the perfect piece to do this with this year.”
Acclaimed screenwriter and novelist, Roddy Doyle, is thrilled that his work will be brought to life in pubs: “When I wrote ‘Two Pints’, I didn’t envisage it being performed in a pub, but it is part of the adventure. This new play is being put on in a context that is unfamiliar to me – that excites me.”
Supported by Guinness, Friends First and the Vintner’s Federation of Ireland, tickets are available for purchase at: abbeytheatre.ie/2017/two-pints.

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