WCFE hosts Art & Photo Exhibit

By Courtney Oliver.

WCFE art students pictured at the end of year Art and Photography Exhibition on Tuesday last.

WCFE art students pictured at the end of year Art and Photography Exhibition on Tuesday last.

Waterford College of Further Education (WCFE) held its Art & Design and Photography Graduate Exhibition on Tuesday last, May 23rd, featuring work from students studying Art & Design, Photographic Studies and the Advanced Certificate in Photography.
“It has been a most successful year and our students have as always produced truly beautiful work,” said Art & Design Department Head, Ann O’Regan. “I thank the students for putting in so much effort to prepare and launch this exhibition, especially considering that it comes towards the end of the academic year.”
Ms O’Regan added: “It’s the perfect course for any student interested in the arts, as it fully prepares the students for college and further studies. We model our course on first year in university or art college and so, as you can see here tonight, our standards of excellence our unmatched and we are committed to insuring the future learning and development of our students.” She continued.
Exhibiting students, who showcased a range of distinctive art and photography, were thrilled with the opportunity to share their endeavours with relatives, friends and the wider public.
According to WCFE teacher Michelle Daly: “What really blows me away about the exhibition is the depth of meaning and the confidence shown within the work. When you speak to the students about their work, it’s obvious that they are confident in their delivery and what they wanted to convey. They are absolutely in love with what they are doing and excited about it.”
At the exhibition’s opening night, WCFE Principal Gerard Morgan saluted the efforts of both students and staff alike over the course of the academic year.
“All of the staff are very pleased with the students’ hard work and most of the students have placements already in the colleges of their choice. I’d like to thank the staff and to congratulate everyone, and I’d like to thank the leadership of Ann O’Regan as well. It’s always been a practical course, and it requires a lot of management, and I have to say the staff did very well.”
Regarding the ongoing development of WCFE, Mr Morgan stated: “The expansion is continuing every year. We have 878 students this year and we are hoping to have even more students next year. We are hoping to get our buildings to match that ambition. We are open for recruitment for all the courses that the students here represent which is Photography level 5 and 6, and the Art Portfolio course.”

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