Excrement and Urine Stockpiled in City House

Eoghan Dalton Reports

A Waterford City & County Councillor has described the conditions at a house as an “affront to human dignify” due to the rubbish that has been stockpiled there over the past number of years. Among the contents of rubbish in the house, said Cllr Jason Murphy (FF), were hundreds of bin liners, 300 cider bottles filled with urine and there are various bags with human excrement as well.

Disturbed: Cllr Jason Murphy.

Disturbed: Cllr Jason Murphy.

Speaking at a Waterford City & County Council meeting earlier this month, he enquired about the sanctions available for tenants and homeowners who “are using their own gardens and houses to dump their own domestic rubbish.” He said that the tenant in question is residing in a Council house, though he also noted that he has come across similar situations with private home owners too.

“I had a lady who came to me last week in tears speaking about a tenant living next door to her . . . We have cleaned out this house on numerous occasions, the last time being about 18 months ago when a forensic cleaning team had to clean out the house,” Cllr Murphy told the chamber.
Speaking to The Munster Express this week, Cllr Murphy said that the Council has contacted the tenants in question and that a family member has provided a skip, with measures being taken to clean property.

“I have a meeting next week with a member of staff in the community department of the Council to monitor the house. Something should come from that,” he said.
“The proof in the pudding will be in the eating. I’ll be monitoring it myself as well. It’s not an easy situation but these residents are also able to leave their house to go about their errands and get their dole, so there has to be some accountability.”

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