Element music

Ladies and gentlemen – It’s looking good for Waterford’s very own two day music festival.

Headliners have been anounced one by one and each time the promise of a fantastic festival gets more exiting!

Element music (musicvard ltd) are the guys responsible for a fantastic summer blowout. This company is a collaboration of three companies ‘Creakyfox productions’, ‘silentq productions’ and ‘aperature music’, with board of directors: Mike Fox, Dave O’Brien, Daniel Purtill, Cliffton Sherrard and NiallLanigan, with silent partners and consultants who remain ‘silent’.

This festival is confusing at the moment as the board of directors won’t release a venue name and warn that the date is subject to change but they assured that everthing is running smoothly, these matters are not an issue and tickets will be on sale 1st April.

Confirmed so far: ‘Blue Stage’ – Flaws, Boss Volenti, Hy Brasil, The Blims, Vesta Varno,Ilya K, Gorbochov, Floyd Soul, The Beat poets, Miracle bell, The Creaks, The Hassle Merchants, Snowdial, The Aftermath, 21 Outs.

‘Green Stage’ – Luan Parle, Prison Love, Joe Cleere, Junah, Alan Kavanagh, Nicole Maguire, Dae Kim, Torann, Deaf Animal Orchestra. DJs to be announced.

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