Global stardom for twinkle toes Jim (99)

Tango dancer wows audiences in Buenos Aires

Tango dancer Jim McManus (99) has attracted worldwide acclaim after wowing audiences at a globally renowned festival in Argentina. Since he took to the dancefloor of the Usina del Arte venue in Buenos Aires last week dressed in a white jacket, black trousers and tie, the World War II veteran has featured in newspapers and radio and TV broadcasts worldwide.He is set to be honoured by the festival committee and has also been invited to a special reception at the Irish Embassy in Buenos Aires.It’s believed Jim may also be in line for entry into the Guinness World Records. Born in Scotland, Jim served in the British Army for seven years from the ages of 19 to 26.

Jim received a rapturous round of applause at the Usina del Arte venue in Buenos Aires

Jim received a rapturous round of applause at the Usina del Arte venue in Buenos Aires

He then joined the Merchant Navy for six and a half years.Now living in Slieverue, Jim is well-known in the locality and beyond as he is a regular on dancefloors throughout the region and around the country.
Friends from ‘Waterford Tango’ have accompanied him to Argentina, including Tara Bohan who was instrumental in ensuring Jim got to realise his dream of dancing in Buenos Aires ahead of his 100th birthday.
His trip become a reality thanks to fundraising efforts, which were highlighted in The Munster Express earlier this year. Tara says Jim has become a “superstar” in Argentina and has been interviewed on live TV and by countless reporters from various media organisations.“Professional organisers and teachers are inviting us to their events, and everyone is stopping for photos with him. The reaction has been amazing,” she said.“I never expected or realised that it would take off like it has. I’m absolutely thrilled that Jim is being honoured because he is such an inspiration. We’re so proud of him.”
His exploits have been reported on in media outlets in countries worldwide, including Ecuador, Singapore, China, Thailand, South Africa, Germany, France, the UK, Greece, Hungary, and both Argentina and Ireland.

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