Lights still on at ‘Little Pub’

As the sit-in at the Park Inn pub enters its second month, workers say they’re hopeful of an imminent resolution, following the announcement that a liquidator is to be appointed to the company.

A creditors’ meeting is to take place within the next 10 days, after which the liquidator will be appointed.

This means the statutory entitlements of redundancy and notice are secured for all nine former workers at the pub. Duty Manager Derek (Ben) Ryan said the workers are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

“We are still sitting in at the pub and we will do so until we are sure that everything is resolved. But we do feel we have won a battle. It’s just a pity that we had to go through this, put our families through this, just to secure what we are entitled to.”

Staff at the well-known Paddy Browne’s Road pub were informed on February 25th that the pub was closing, without notice.

There followed a protest outside the pub which was attended by hundreds of locals, as well as a massive online campaign. The Little Pub that Fought Back Facebook page now was upwards of 6,600 followers

Mr Ryan, who has worked in the Park Inn for 18 years, said the community support had continued throughout the month, adding that local City Councillors Sean Reinhardt, John Hearne and Dick Roche had been invaluable in their support.

Meanwhile the campaign to have the pub re-opened continues amongst the workers.

Mr Ryan said a buyer who would save ‘five or six’ of the jobs remains interested in the pub and the workers are determined to do everything in their power to drive that deal forward.

Michelle Clancy

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