Taskforce to tackle unemployment

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Waterford needs to get unemployment back on the agenda, a meeting has heard.
Cllr John Hearne (SF) pointed to Census figures which showed that out of the 53 highest blackspots in Ireland, nine are located in Waterford. Included in the figures are Ballybeg North (31 per cent), Larchville (37.6 per cent), Morrison’s Road (32.6 per cent), Lisduggan (31.5 per cent), Mount Sion (30 per cent), Roanmore (30.8 per cent) and The Glen (30.1 per cent). “There’s an absolutely shocking neglect of Waterford,” he said, “They’re staggering figures when you look at them like that.”

Cllr John Hearne.

Cllr John Hearne.

Cllr Hearne has called on an unemployment taskforce to be formed by the Council, which would be set up by the local authority engaging with other State agencies. “We can’t leave it go on for another generation,” he added. 9 of the top 53 unemployment black spots in Ireland are in Waterford.His motion to form the taskforce was approved without objection at the November Metropolitan District meeting. Speaking in favour, Cllr Eddie Mulligan (FF) noted that other figures show that household income in Waterford is around 13 per cent behind the national income and 11 per cent behind Kilkenny, while Waterford also has the third worst rate of increase in wages.

“It’s deplorable that we are actually third from bottom,” he said. Meanwhile, a separate new report shows that people in Waterford City have a shorter life expectancy than those in parts of Dublin.The National Deprivation Index for Ireland says people living in more deprived areas are at risk of dying younger.The research by Trinity College Dublin found Waterford City is the second most deprived area of the country.
Limerick City is the most deprived area while Meath, Kildare, Galway and Clare are among the least deprived.
The report was compiled based on a number of factors including unemployment and social class.
However, County Waterford scored as one of the least deprived areas.

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